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    Tough decisions
    Wea��re Not Friends, episode five of How to Get Away with Murder, sees Annalise (Viola Davis) the defense lawyer and professor, take on a case to defend a minor who fatally shoots his police officer father. Meanwhile, she and Sam continue to argue and her students question her motives. Monday at 10 pm on Star World Premiere

    A different beat
    Angira meets with Hipnotribe in Goa where the two vastly different bands will try to make their genres blend on Sound Trek. The two have decided to re-work the Bollywood classic Na Chahoon Sona Chandi into a more contemporary fusion tune, but with their individual styles intact. Tonight at 10.30 pm on Fox Life

    Under the sea
    Be entertained by SpongeBob and hisA�best friend Patrick, with their underwater antics at their home town, Bikini Bottom. From life in SpongeBoba��s pineapple home to his enmity with Squidward, the show is great to take your mind of things and get immersed in the Spongea��s overzealousA�way of life. Weekends at 9 amA�on Comedy Central


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