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    OTBSnipNEWCriminal intent
    Get your dose of gripping crime
    mysteries with Elementary, which is
    back this month. The third season of the show, which takes a fresh look at the story of Sherlock Holmes who is now settled in New York City, brings some new twists and turns with Holmes getting himself a new assistant and Joan Watson romantically involved with someone else. From Nov 7. Fridays at 10 pm on AXN


    Heating up
    In the second episode of Kitchen Confidential, Aftermath, The Nolita restaurant is becoming massively successful, but head chef, Jack Bourdain must find a way to maintain standards without resorting to questionable tactics. Hea��s also caught in the middle of a staff dispute when head waitress, Mimi, decides to stop pooling tips. November 8 at 8 pm on Romedy Now.


    War hero
    Steve Rogers, a sickly young man
    unfit for military service, volunteers to
    test a super serum and transforms into Captain America in Captain America The First Avenger. When his mentor, the scientist behind the serum, dies at the hands of Nazi Germany secret agent Schmidt, Rogers must continue his quest alone. November 8 at 9 pm on Sony Pix.


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