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    The beauty of love, a family and humanity make the world pay attention

    Skin deep
    YouTuber Em Ford, of My Pale Skin has proved the world wrong with her social experiment. Three months ago, she began posting make-up free selfies. From revolting and ugly to terrible and disgusting, Ford got all sorts of judgmental comments. When she put up a selfie with make-up, the same people left comments about her beauty. At over 3.5 millions hits, the video You Look Disgusting, drives home her message of if you love and respect yourself no one has the right to judge.
    Happy marriage
    Following the Supreme Court of Americaa��s ruling on same-sex marriage, Jimmy Kimmel uses his show to interview kids to ask their opinion of it. While the girls are a bit more aware, and have no objections to it, the boys are less clued in, but non-judgmental. From a�?knowing nothing at all about ita�� to saying what matters is that the people getting married want to and are a�?old enough toa�� do so, these kids could teach some elders a thing or two. It has over 18 million views.
    Losing hope
    Perhaps the most touching video to hit the Internet, this short film by Zsofia Zsemberi called Gift is about adoption and how one must take this decision wisely. It starts with parents and a little girl being very excited about the latest addition to a family, but as time passes, they lose interest. Eventually, the father takes her away to abandon her in a field. And when he looks into the rear view mirror, you will be in for a real shock.
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