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Funny man Atul Khatri to give his own spin to complex issues ranging from miltary manoeuvres to marriage and more

FROM recently quitting as a Chief Executive Officer at an IT firm to becoming one of the most watched comedians in India, Atul Khatri is surely proving that age is just a number. The 40+ plus comic began his journey through an open mic in February 2012. He is currently the senior most member of the East India Comedy along with Sapan Verma, Sorabh Pant and Azeem Bantawalla. Rated among the top 20 comedians to watch out for by CNN IBN, we find out what to expect from Atul during his performance in the city this weekend.
Speaking of his upcoming performance, he says, a�?The show will be a mixed bag. It will have a bit of my personal observations and conclusions, school life, marriage and children.a�? A post-graduate in business administration from University of Manchester, England, Atul recently quit his post as the CEO of Kaytek Computer Services.
This 48-year-old stand up comic is known for his digs at the corporate world, politics, Bollywood, casteism and general human behaviour. He expects a mixed crowd. a�?There will be young people, slightly older ones and of course the elderly ones during my performance because I have something for every age group this time.a�?
Atul loves to hand-hold the youth who are keen to enter the stand-up comic scene. a�?We have many schools and colleges and even private educational institutions and I believe if we imbibe this genre of comedy early ion life, I am sure we will see a rapid growth in the number of youngsters performing on the stage.a�?
The first Indian to be invited at the eighth Hong Kong International Comedy Festival in 2014, Atul has an interesting take on the recently completed surgical strikes. For those who does not understand what surgical strike means, Atul, who is proud of the Indian Army for conducting the action says, a�?Surgical strike is like someone cheating on his wife even after she warning him and one fine day she loses her cool and chops off his private part and you dona��t know about it and the next day morning you are wondering where did it go. This is exactly what surgical strikes are.a�?
When we asked Azeem Bantawalla, member of the East India Comedy about this a�?Horny Sindhia�� as Atul refers himself, Azeem says, a�?He is an elderly person and I think that is the key factor to his comedy. He has a different approach towards things that we as youngsters cana��t see. This gives him an edge where he has mastered the skill of looking at things in both funny and a matured way at the same time.a�?
His other counterpart from East India Comedy, Sorabh Pant has something different to say. a�?Atul gets the upper hand even if he says the most obnoxious things because people let him just speak and go because of his age. If we the younger ones did the same thing I am sure we would
be landing up in jail,a�? he laughs.
Atul Khatri will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 16 from 8.30 pm onwards.
`1,000 per person.
Details: in.bookmyshow.com
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