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    Broacha says many events can fit in here, including his own successes. His pick for jaw-dropping moments.

    General Elections: We had a civilised election. It was a BJP storm which no one expected! It is baffling to see people voted for change. But some things won’t. Like two Nirav Shahs in Malabar Hill with the same election card!

    Indian Mathematics and Statistics: We had statistics of all kinds: how many meat eaters voted, whom vegans voted for and why. The international news channels need to learn about that!

    The Oscar Selfie: What Kim Kardashian tried to do, the Oscar selfie did in March — break the Internet.

    My son shaving: All of 11 years, my son shaved. He has not a single hair on his face.


    “Unfortunately, there is plenty in this category,” says the comedian, and even his positive bent of mind cannot  put a hopeful spin on it.

    The Malaysian Airlines tragedies: Though we know what happened to one of the planes, the other one still remaining a mystery is perhaps way
    more disconcerting.

    Phil Hughes: A premature death that shattered the world while other tragedies also happened, cricket fans like myself were really traumatised by how a good ball can kill someone. It is terrifying.

    Peshawar school attack: There is nothing more to say.


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