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    Six books old, author Nikita Singh tells you how to get noticed in the publishing world

    RIGHT-HERE-RIGHT-NOWNIKITA Singh had always wanted to write a book. Now, at 22, she has six novels to her credit. Singh was born in Patna, grew up in Indore and Ranchi and is now based in Delhi where she is publishing manager at Wisdom Tree. It was while pursuing her bachelora��s degree in pharmacy that she started writing her first story. The author of novels like Accidently in Love, Love @ Facebook and The Promise also co-authored Someone like You with Durjoy Datta last year, after their immensely successful prior collaboration, If Ita��s Not Forever Ita��s Not Love. Her latest venture Right Here Right Now is about a teenage girl who loses her memory and needs to find herself. Singh, who favours romance and fantasy, also has keen interest in history. She is a regular speaker at TEDx conferences in colleges across the country.

    Her advice to aspiring writers? a�?Ita��s a good time to be a writer,a�? she says. a�?Ita��s becoming easier to get published but also that much easier to get lost in the crowd.a�? Connecting with the readers and giving a compelling story they can relate to is always paramount. She urges intending writers to write from the heart and not worry about critics or sales, what other people are saying or doing. She maintains that an honest, heart-felt story, which seeks to impress no one, is what will really cut through the clutter.A�A�A�A�A�A� a�?Dona��t give in to doubts,a�? she says. a�?Dona��t try to satisfy anyone out there by cobbling together a story that you think they want to read.a�?

    Right Here Right Now by Penguine Publishers will be launched today at Starmark Books, Express Avenue, at 6 pm. Details: 64550262

    -Krishna Trilok


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