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    When you enter the medium of radio, especially as a presenter, get ready to experience the exhilarating highs and the inevitable lows. There are a million reasons for the lows and most importantly, in order to get past them is to not acknowledge it. A presenter from a regional station caught up with me and shared the ugly side of this beautiful medium.
    The presenter was in half a mind to quit radio and try something totally abstract. The reason was there are too many cooks in the kitchen. I did try and tell this person that it wouldn’t be different at any other station. Yes, the colour of music would be in varied shades but that’s how the Radio Sabha works.
    It’s actually humorous when you hear about the tactics people adopt these days. It’s not only predictable but lacks any form of intelligence. The presenter I’m talking about is well known amongst listeners and it wouldn’t do well to the consumers if a professional host who delivers numbers voluntarily retires from the medium.
    However, each individual is to his own on radio. It’s much like life, only that there is a politics of protocol one needs to follow during work hours. Over the last two decades, I’ve seen that a radio station is at its best health in the initial stages after which you’ll find the Gangs of Wasseypur patrolling your station, subjugating it to the never ending war games during office hours.
    I’m glad that when I do see nonsensical politics or maybe someone who is trying to provoke a situation, the antidote for me (in such a scenario) has always been to treat that person like furniture. It’s worked ten out of ten times and the reason for this is that I have never ever underestimated the collective power of fools.
    If you’re a presenter and in a situation such as this, stand up and take those bullets fearlessly. Don’t worry they wouldn’t hurt you as they are only made of rubber. See you next week with more Radio talk!

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