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    With silk hammocks and a penchant for the experimental, Zorba brings aerial yoga to town

    Purists may shudder, but for those looking for fun new ways to do yoga, ita��s time to roll up your mats. Zorba – A Renaissance Studio has just introduced aerial yoga in the city (at their new Anna Nagar branch, which is also the only centre offering it in the South). a�?People may celebrate World Yoga Day, but most often they just learn a few things and then forget all about it. Our mission is to get people who are not interested in yoga into it and aerial yoga can help spark that interest,a�? says co-founder Sarvesh Shashi.
    Also called anti-gravity yoga, this form is practised using special silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling and can magnify the benefits of traditional yogaa��like increased power, strength and flexibilitya��by supporting the body during difficult asanas.
    Testing limits
    But Shashi warns that aerial yoga is not for everyone. a�?It requires high levels of fitness and knowledge of traditional asanas. Initially, we will take only four students for each class. And for beginners, we will teach them the traditional form before helping them progress to aerial yoga,a�? he assures, adding that the classes will be led by instructors who have been specially trained by him. Shashi also says that for a well-rounded fitness routine, people can take the yoga classes in conjunction with their new coursesa��Zumba (Rs 2,500 a month, three days a week) and Zorba Commando Towna��a routine that combines techniques from cross fit, aikido, kobudo, kick-boxing and karatea��available exclusively at the Anna Nagar outlet for now.

    Aerial yoga is Rs 4,000 a month (two days a week). Details: 9003096902

    Noyal David


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