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Country and pop megastar, Taylor Swift, talks about her turn as an actress and being the highest paid entertainer at 24

With a pile of awards that include seven Grammys, this 24-year-old country music artiste has come a long way since her 2008 hit singles Love Story and You Belong With Me. But unlike her wildly successful singing and songwriting career, Taylor Swifta��s acting call started off with television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and cameo roles in movies like Hannah Montana: The Movie. Even as she gears up for the MTV VMA performance and I Heart Radio Music Festival, Swift will be seen in a sci-fi film, playing the role of Rosemary in The Giver along with actors like Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Brenton Thwaites, who she is rumored to be dating. More from the actress:

Describe your character in The Giver?
Rosemary is an emotionless person, wherein for me emotion is such an important part of my life and now I guess my job because people wouldna��t listen to my songs if they werena��t heart broken or deeply affected.

Did you take acting tips from Jeff Bridges?
Jeff is an amazingly talented actor, I kept asking him during the shoot to tell me how to do things differently and he would just reply saying, do what you are doing. Dona��t sensationalise your acting skills.

How did it feel making music with the Oscar winner?
Ita��s a kind of achievement. Whenever we get free time during the shoot, we all start jamming up and then go on and on like a jukebox.

TAYLORSome of the genres you would like to experiment with?
My next film The Secret Service, is a spy movie, wherein I have practised lots of stunts and martial arts. I am fond of thriller and comic movies and my favourite is romance.

You are one of the highest paid country singers by The Forbes. How does that feel?
It feels great. At the age of 24, Ia��m not just the highest paid musician, butA� also the highest paid entertainer under 30.

A lot of youngsters consider you to be their inspiration. Does that put any pressure on you?
Yes, it does, especially with the teenage group. They imitate you right from what you wear, what you eat etc. Sometimes, I need to be cautious and responsible for things I say and do. I go minimal when it comes to dressing up.A� It puts a lot of pressure on parents to get these things for their children. So I prefer going minimal on clothing and accessory.
The Giver is scheduled to release on August 15.

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