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    British Councila��s new app makes lessons more fun

    Children in the city can soon lighten their school bagsa��by leaving their English textbooks at home. British Councila��s activity-based application, LearnEnglish Kids, is creating an interactive platform between the teacher and the student that focusses on skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    Tap for activity
    a�?Wea��ve tied up with the Curriculum Companya��who create tablet-based learning platformsa��to bring out this app. It is mapped to the national curriculum (CBSE and NCERT) and has many features like videos that teach grammar, and games, stories and songs to make learning fun,a�? says Nirupama Fernandez, assistant director for English Digital at British Council.
    With over 80 years experience in English language teaching, it isna��t surprising that BC has now entered classrooms. With demands on children heading north, and personal attention going south, Fernandez believes the app is a great solution. a�?With it, the teacher is linked to all her students and can ensure that each child gets individual attention. She can also add on activities to tailor-make the lessons for her class,a�? she says

    Changing classrooms
    BC went to several schools, conducted focus groups and did extensive research before creating the app, which covers the syllabus of class one to 10. a�?We install the app (between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2,000) in schools that have a language lab. You can also pick up a tablet for `9,000,a�? says Fernandez, adding that Sri Bala Vidyalaya School has adopted the programme and Velammal School plans to introduce it this academic year. Details: britishcouncil.in

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