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    Annalise Keating Latest photos

    Viola Davis brings to life the seemingly stony character of aA�law professor

    Law Professor Annalise Keating is no stranger to murder. But it takes on a whole new meaning on the latest legal soap series, How To Get Away With Murder. The talented Viola Davis plays the strong character, a role she was drawn to instantly, she says. Returning after a long winter break, the show has picked up post the revelation that it was Annalisea��s student Wes who killed her husband, Sam. Davis tells us that she doesna��t know what the next step in her role is. a�?This is new for me so I really dona��t know where it is going. But as an actress of 26 years, I can control who she is as a person, what her memories are, what her past is, what emotions she is covering up,a�? reveals the critically acclaimed actor, who recently won the Peoplea��s Choice Award for her portrayal of Annalise.
    Crediting the role for a�?bringing her back to lifea�� as an actor, Davis says any hesitation in taking on the role, was due to hectic TV schedules hampering family time. a�?Ia��m always thinking: Am I going to see my daughter? And, of course, a part of me that wants to sleep for 12 hours a day,a�? she laughs.
    Describing her role as sexy, mysterious and messy, she tells us that the seriesa�� title was planned. a�?If you can afford a good attorney, you can literally get away with murder,a�? she reveals adding that shea��s happy for people to call Annalise the anti-hero. Admitting she is completely different from her character, Davis explains, a�?There is nothing about her, except the basic human need to feel loved that you can compare me to.a�?
    And the morals of Annalise? a�?Ia��m always confused when people say that. I found her to be a realistic protagonist. I find her to be very human, as we all are, in that we all have grey areas. In fact, that was the attraction,a�? she signs off.
    Mondays 10 pm on
    Star World Premiere HD
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      Videos that have ruled the Internet this Grammy week

      Strings attached
      Daft Punk swept the Grammys in 2014 with Get Lucky. Now Andre Antunes gives us an interesting take on it. Emulating the style, both appearance and technique, of the top guitarists of all time, he performs the funk tune. From Steve Vaia��s distinct slides and Slasha��s infamous plucks to Joe Satriania��s rhythm and Carlos Santanaa��s trademark trills, he demonstrates wonderfully their style and will inspire you to take up the guitar too! Watch out for AC/DCa��s Angus Young and Queena��s Brian May.

      Parent trap
      The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon teases the generation gap of current times. Picking up on Grammy-nominated songs, comedian Arthur Meyer asks parents, with kids in tow, to complete lyrics of songs like Nikki Minaja��s slightly vulgar Anaconda and getting them to sing Taylor Swifta��s Shake It Off and All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. While a few hit the right notes, the rest innocently respond in a very parently way. We suggest you get your parents to play Mom and Pop Quiz too!

      Celebrating silver
      Eleven-time Grammy Bob Dylan was honoured as the 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year at a gala, and the clip was showed at the Grammy Awards ceremony on Monday. The iconic singera��s concert tribute featured performances by the likes of Norah Jones, Tom Jones, Beck, Sheryl Crowe, and Willie Nelson. Former President Jimmy Carter also acknowledged Dylana��s service, saying, a�?Dylana��s songs were more powerful than any American President!a�?
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      Stand-up comedy, music and theatre come your way, across the next two months

      Kicking off today, Stage42 showcases Indian artistes like Vir Das, Rajat Kapoor, Swarathma, Nucleya, Kenny Sebastian, Parvaaz, Reggae Rajahs, Anuvab Pal and Russel Peters. The festival taking place simultaneously in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune will conclude on March 27. Put together by Only Much Louder, of Bacardi NH7 Weekender fame, expect flea markets and food experiments too. In town, Indigo Live Music Bar, The Humming Tree and Counter Culture are a few of the hosts. A comedian, thespian and singer, tell us more.

      Akarsh Khurana

      Akvarious, which started out as a theatre group in the year 2000, will perform The Interview, a play about the corporate world. Akarsh Khurana, the proprietor of the troupe, tells us more.

      Describe what your play is about.
      The Interview, as the title suggests,
      is about a job interview. A young man steps into a nameless corporation looking for employment and is almost immediately caught in a web of office politics. It is a satire on the corporate world, and insecurities that plague it.

      Your views on Stage 42.
      The festival is showcasing so much variety and over a prolonged period of two months. Many forms of live entertainment are being represented. And Ia��m happy that theatre is being promoted as strongly as everything else..

      An act youa��d love to watch from
      the line-up.
      I like Nucleya so I would love to attend his gig. I also cana��t get enough of Madboy/Mink and Nischay Parekh.

      In the pipeline.
      Aadyam, backed by the Birlas, has upped the scale somewhat for us. Then my father, Akash Khurana, is directing a spoofy madcap version of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

      Curtain call

      A true-blue Bengali, whose current show, The Empire, is all about British hangovers, Anuvab Pal tells us more about being a stand-up comedian, his influences and how his humour is similar to the love child of Woody Allen and Rishikesh Mukherjee!

      What inspires you when writing?
      Biryani. Waiting. And post writing.

      Your career highlights.
      Probably this interview. Second, performing for Sachin Tendulkar. And third, the time I performed at a childrena��s show in Trivandrum where theya��d got a comedian by mistake.

      Comedy and religion.
      Yes, I weave them in together. I pray before and after shows.

      Has your humour got you in
      trouble ever?
      It gets me into trouble all the time. Most people dona��t understand irony so they take me seriously. It also got me into bigger trouble in life. Now that Ia��ve quit my job and do this, I hear people say the same thing about cocaine. Comedy is my drug of trouble.

      Anyone who has influenced your style.
      Eddie Izzard and my driver.



      After working on basic melodies and competing at college festivals, they released their first EP Behosh, followed by their debut LP, Baran, last year. Parvaaz takes on the stage of Indigo Live Music Bar.

      Describe your unique sound.
      Our songs are sometimes hard to
      pin down into any specific genre. But the cool thing is that we have received adulation from all types of music lovers, be it blues fans, rock lovers or even

      More on your gig at Stage42.
      After releasing our debut album, Baran last September, we have been working on new material. So the fans can look forward to being treated to a fresh set
      of songs.

      What are you looking forward to?
      We look forward to meeting interesting people and above all presenting our music to an eager audience. And fans too should really get off the couch and go watch the performances. Life without music is a waste of time!
      Details: insider.in/stage42

      a�� Aakanksha Devi

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        James Spader promises more twists and turns on the second season of The Blacklist

        LEAVING viewers gobsmacked with the past season, and dangling us half-way through a thrilling season two, James Spader of The Blacklist, says that the wait is going to be worthwhile. And after the mid-season break, he tells us that Raymond Reddington has plenty up his sleeve. a�?How Red responds to circumstances reveals certain aspects of him. Ita��s a very delicate balance when you have a character whoa��s very enigmatic. Ita��s what makes them compelling and what makes you curious,a�? shares Spader, adding that just when you think you know what he is up to, hea��ll surprise you.
        When asked whether wea��ll find out this season if Red really is Liza��s father, he flatly declines. a�?No, you wona��t. Youa��re going to get closer. Once we reach the inevitable end of the series, youa��ll look back and youa��ll realise that there were things along the way that you werena��t sure how to process and suddenly those things will connect,a�? he reveals, elaborating that the twists, turns, and playing with the audience makes it fun. a�?Ita��s like a like a puzzle, but, here wea��re giving you pieces as we go along, and eventually you can put them together and they fit.a�?
        While the character Spader plays is highly appealing but with plenty of evil weaved in, the actor isna��t quite sure what makes Red click. a�?Over the years, Ia��ve never been able to figure out what people might like or not like, but I think people respond to the dichotomy in any antihero,a�? he summises, quipping, a�?I know I would be enormously disappointed if we were to discover that Reddington was really a righteous guy and ita��s all about redemption.a�?
        On what actually drew him to the role of Reddington, the actor (who wears a trademark hat in the series, as per his own admission) says, a�?I was looking for a series that was dichotomous in tonea��at times funny and other times not at all. Plus, a character that was serious and yet irreverent, so that there would be a lot to play.a�?
        And Spader says hea��d like the show to go on just as long as it is intriguing. a�?I dona��t think I could survive on a show where ita��s just an equation and youa��re solving that equation every week. I just couldna��t,a�? he signs off.

        Tuesdays at 10 pm on Star World Premiere
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          Complement the tricolour with our pick of trendy yet subtle national symbols this January 26

          Republic Day is fast approaching and we have found a way to work our patriotism into our style statements this time around. With designers cleverly using bold tiger prints and elegant lotus and peacock motifs, ita��s easy to wear your nationality on your sleeve.

          Burning bright
          1Embrace your inner warrior princess with these Royal Bengal tiger-inspired pieces from Tribe by Amrapali. Choose from the enamel-bodied amulet (Rs 36,600) or the statement gold-plated ring (Rs 13,200). The amulet features delicate flowers against an egg shell white background, but the drawing factor is the two tiger heads holding a pink crystal heart, while the ring bears a single tiger with
          the crystal. At Kasturba Road. Details: 080 22221622



          Preening glory
          Payal Singhala��s off-white shekha tunic features intricately embroidered peacock motifs that are not too obvious. We love that the mix of bead and thread, gives it a striking finish that is perfect for a fashionable holiday brunch. Staywith the overall colour scheme of the embroidery to avoid clashes. Available for Rs 50,000 at Altamount Road, Mumbai. Details: 09323282860

          Rain dance
          Show youa��re as proud as a peacockA� with this stunning clutch from Natasha Couture. The opulent minaudiere sports an ornate peacock embellishment which is spread across its peacock feather-printed body, crafted from durable metal. Perfect to set offA� a chic mini and matchingA� pumps. Rs 5,216 approximately.
          Details: nordstrom.com

          Eye of the tiger
          You can count on Moschino to blend glamour and quirk. This one-shoulder printed silk crepe de chine gown with its eye-catching wild prints is perfect for the bold fashionista. You could pair it with muted black pumps and accessories to keep the attention on the dress. Rs 81,000, approximately on net-a-porter.com

          Flower power
          Seamlessly combining design and style is Namrata Joshipura with this flowing tunic. Featuring a smart lotus print, the blue crepe with a neat Mandarin collar and front button placket spells versatility. Pair with leggings in the day or with skinny formal trousers for an evening soiree. Rs 8,500 at the store in DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 46073438

          Golden touch
          2Nothing says India like a brass lotus, and we were lucky to chance upon this Charlotte Olympia clutch that perfectly fits the bill. From the Shanghai Express collection, the body is cast from gold-tone brass and is lined with blush suede fabric.
          The best accessory to go with your favourite little black dress. Rs 90,350. At Kitsch, Mumbai. Details: 022 22687777



          Mohr the merrier
          From the house of Satya Paul comes this trendy scarf with a digital peacock feather print. The wool-silk fabric blends attractive shades like sea green, turquoise blue, burnt orange, canary and mustard yellow, with the deep purple border tying it all together. Wear against a crisp white kurta, to let the stole do all the talking. Rs 3,950. At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
          Details: 080 42050023

          Striped affair
          Make a tall statement with these Christian Louboutins. The Chester Fille style works the animal print trend while the black and camel palette allows the signature red sole to stand out. While skinny jeans and a white blouse should do the trick during the day. A flared black skirt and muted beige top might work better at night. Rs 75,000 at the store in DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 41017111

          Aakanksha Devi and Rashmi Rajagopal

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            Pathdoor.com brings
            diagnostic tests to your doorstep

            Eliminating unnerving hospital visits for a poke or routine tests, city-based technology start-up PathDoor.com, offers free sample collections across the city. All you need to do is get onto their website, pick your prescribed test and book an appointment at the lab of your choice. Once confirmed by the clinic or pathology lab, you will be notified. At the appointed time, a doctor will arrive at your home to collect the sample. Their current partners include Elbit Diagnostics, Magnus Healthcare, Manipal Clinics as well as Central Lab and Bio Terra Diagnostic Centre.
            Dr Ketan Jhunjunwala, founder of PathDoor says, a�?Being a doctor, I noticed the practical problems patients faced with getting routine tests done. I also realised that there was a gap in terms of transparency in the pathology lab space in India.a�? Realising that effective and fast path lab results would speed up the diagnosis process considerably, he started the online service. Dr Jhunjunwala is partnered by Dr Kunal Patil who heads IT company, TechSplurge and Niharika Goel who runs administration.
            If you are still a bit old school and want to make a trip to the lab yourself, book an appointment on Pathdoor.com with the lab of your choosing. And the best part is that they have partnered with select clinics, so you get a discount on the services. Currently handling 100 tests on a daily basis, Niharika Goel Jhunjhunwala, co-founder and CEO, says, a�?Our country spends less than three per cent of its GDP on health care. Hence, a lot of work needs to be done in this sector. We have tried to merge technology and medical services in the best possible manner,a�? and elaborates on their further plans of working towards systematising the whole diagnostic lab market and home ECG services within 30 minutes of request in tier one cities.
            Details: pathdoor.com

            a�� Aakanksha Devi

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              Two romance portals turn up the heat in your relationship

              Land of Kamasutra we might be, but openly talking about intimacy is still frowned upon. BlissBasket.com, founded by 28-year-old Mayur Masrani, and PrivatelyURS.com, started by Rajiv Ghosh, is changing that. Masrani, an engineer who started the self-funded Bliss Basket, says, a�?The idea came to me when I was looking for fun (with a hint of naughty) presents for my frienda��s wedding. It was impossible to find anything, openly.a�?A� Having spent several years in Switzerland and South Africa, he was surprised at the shortage of a�?naughty and innovative products. So he decided to start a business of his own to plug the gap.
              Invisible footprints
              Tastefully balancing fun and sensuality, Bliss Basket offers lingerie, chocolates, candles, games and even books to keep you entertained. Bikinis, camisoles, corsets andA� costumes promise to spice things upa��in the bedroom or at a costume party. Plus, it promises discreet packaging and invoicing. Masrania��s goal is a�?to help people enjoy world class products, embarrassment free and privately from the comfort of their homesa��. a�?With the Secret Order Process nobody has full information about customers and their orders,a�? he shares, adding that even parents are a�?gifting Romantic Subscription Packages to their newly-wedded offspringA� along with honeymoon packagesa�?.
              Romantic retail
              Similarly, Privately URS scours the globe to find products to add a�?zing to your private lifea��. Ghosh tells us that apart from sensuous lingerie and other adult products, they also have books, games and quirky sets ideal for occasions like first anniversaries, honeymoons and Valentinea��s Day presents. a�?The aim here is to get people to lose their inhibitions and be a little adventurous,a�? he tells us.

              Aakanksha Devi

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                Men of honour
                With 17,005,586 views since it was posted last week, Slap Her, shot by Italy-based paper fan-page. it, is about non-violence. Taking you to the simple but striking world of children, it films boys between seven and 11 years. They are introduced to a girl, Martina, and asked to say what they like about her, caress, pull funny faces at and slap her. The boys gently caress her face and quickly withdraw. And when it comes to slapping her, they all flatly decline, Why? a�?Because we are men,a�? says the youngest.
                In reel time
                Putting together 150 hours of footage and cutting it down to seven minutes, the video 2014 at The Movies is a great recap before the award season. Covering 86 films including Gone Girl, Chef, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it looks like the trailer for a mega film with a star cast. Starting out slow, it picks up with fights and aliens (courtesy The Guardians of The Galaxy), throwing in emotion from Begin Again and The Fault in Our Stars. Lovely to for a throw-back on 2014.
                Wigs and riffs
                On Monday, two-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, reveals to host Jimmy Fallon that he plays guitar… the air guitar! Wearing an Afro wig, the actor and a�?musiciana�� performs an entertaining Neil Young guitar solo from his song, Down by the River. He has actually memorised the notes to the 1969 song, and since he was young, has practiced and only made it better. And on the Tonight Show, he was clearly perfect. Watch Fallon join in with his matching NFL wig too!
                a�� Aakanksha Devi

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                  iTiffin delivers good health in a box

                  Known for heavy handed doses of butter, oil and ghee, Indian cuisine has never been known for healthy eating! But catering to health-conscious office goers, iTiffin, started by Tapas Das, hopes to break the trend and offer healthy meals.
                  a�?As a developing country, many of our ailments start with food,a�? begins Das, elaborating, a�?One of our founding members, cricketer Robin Uthappa, had dietary and weight management issues. So we developed a concept of dishing up tasty, healthy portions at reasonable prices.a�? iTiffin provides a variety of meals based on the required calorie content of an individual (they have preset 500 and 600 calories meals with meat or vegetarian). Plus, special meals for those with heart conditions and even diabetes.
                  Their meals are meant to have a balance of high fibre carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron and calories, all cooked exclusively in olive oil.
                  Wholesome upgrade
                  So be it North Indian, South Indian, Chinese or even Italian, you can enjoy it all, without piling on the calories. To kick-start the new year with better habits, iTiffin has started the Nutrition Meal package for corporates. a�?The corporate lifestyle is stressful with minimum physical activity. But our meal plans, help you eat at least one healthy meal a day,a�? shares Das. These meals cover the complete nutrition quota required for an adult, and the changing menu is planned by nutritionists and includes gravy dishes, chappati and rice to make it more wholesome.
                  An iBiriyani section is also expected soon and has us quite excited!
                  Vegetarian meals start at `500 and
                  `600 for non-vegetarian meals, per week. Details: itiffin.com
                  a�� Aakanksha Devi

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                    Tea Leoni returns to the small screen with a big role as Madam Secretary

                    Sixteen years after she was last seen in The Naked Truth, Tea Leoni makes her come-back in a television series produced by Morgan Freeman a�� Madam Secretary. She plays Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst-turned-college professor, and a mother of three. When the President of America spots her quick wit and intelligence, she is unexpectedly made Secretary of State. The actor gets candid about the role a�?which is every little girla��s fantasya�� and speaks about her inspiration and how playing the character is fulfillment of one of her lifelong dreams.

                    Portrayal of a Secretary of State.
                    I have been impressed by a few of the women who have held that position: Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, more recently. But this is really fun. You get to see the humanity behind the decisions, the struggles and a glimpse into their home life.
                    There is something touching about the idea that behind the great Oz is a girl who needs to muck out a stall, get the kids to school on time and then clean up after the cats.
                    What would you say is the USP?
                    We are playing a little bit more about what could happen in politics even if it is sometimes not what does happen. And I think that the idea that women are struggling to do it all as much as that conversation which 1,000 odd years ago, is still an interesting question. We are still doing it all.

                    Being Elizabeth.
                    Secretaries of States seem very austere and in control of things. What I loved about Elizabeth is that she has this incredibly full life and humour. She is not really sarcastic, just really earnest. I appreciated that very much.

                    Politics and TV shows.
                    I remember watching Hillary Clinton and being impressed by the decisions she made. But this show looks at the humanity of it. Ita��s hard to feel sympathetic or empathetic with people in power. But I think with this show, you are going to see a woman and a mother making these decisions.

                    Working with Tim Daly.
                    I was really excited when I heard that Tim would take this role (as my husband on screen) because for a leading guy to be able to portray such a successful man alongside of a powerful woman, he has to really be willing to go into territory that we havena��t seen on television.

                    Choosing this as your comeback.
                    It was coming from Morgan Freeman through Nina Tassler at CBS and I have a great respect for Nina and her taste and Barbara Hall at the helm. Then I was given the script and by page three, I was hooked. The fact that Morgan has no problem recognising the power, glory and potential of women in politics, in business, in entertainment, or pretty much anywhere in the world, added to it!
                    Premieres January 10,
                    11 pm on AXN.
                    a�� Aakanksha Devi

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