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    The Mumbai menswear brand that presents Indian weaves and prints on shirts, ties and bowties, comes to the city

    Bright cotton shorts and gamcha kurtas in red and purple are just what our men need for the holidays. So wea��re glad Amethysta��s Kiran Rau discovered Prasad Ramamurthy in Mumbai and convinced him to retail Tat in Chennai. Features editor at Conde Nast Traveller, Ramamurthy has been moonlighting as a a�?shirts and tiesa�� designer for years now, but decided to go commercial with Tat (Sanskrit for a�?truth inside usa��) in 2013, sourcing traditional weaves from Rajasthan and across the country. Youa��ll find ikkat, chanderi and ajrak patches on white shirts, Aztec and daboo print kurtas, ganjis, ties and bowties. Our citya��s Margazhi regulars will fancy the Tat shirts fashioned from a veshti. Only 20 pieces per pattern address exclusivity. Add a�?quirka��, a�?handmadea�� and a��naturala�� to the list and youa��ll understand why the line appeals to urban men aged 30 to 45.

    For Ramamurthy, who remembers Chennai from summer holidays with his grandparents and aunts in Adyar, the new retail address makes a lot of sense, joining Goa and Mumbai. Naturally, our journalist has put his copywriting skills to good use and has engaging stories to go with his comfortable kurtas and houndstooth Tibetan shirts. Plus, work trips to Geneva and London have impressed upon him the need for unusual detail in contemporary silhouettes. Look out for shell buttons and metal fastenings, and white-noise print kurtas. With a�sa�?no delusions about being a designera�?a�?, our bearded traveller hopes to up his game with an intense tailoring course for the technicalities, but for the moment goes with his instinct and a professional production agency. It seems to be working, as he has just received a wedding order for understated and anti-bling Chanderi kurtas. Imprints from Mumbaia��s Art Deco structures are next, given his personal connect with the financial capital. As Ramamurthy puts it, a�?how each of us acts, behaves, presents ourself to the world around us, would like to be perceived by the world around us, is dictated by that TA�t. a�?a�?Given that he has the word tattooed in Tamil on his chest, ita��s is something he lives by.
    Rs.300 to Rs.3,000 at The Amethyst Room, Chamiers. Details: 43042099

    a�� Rosella Stephen

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