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    Tracking Treasure

    An app to document and monetise your precious collections

    Sandip Mallik, founder and CEO of Prime Art Capital, a global art advisory and investment management firm brings art collectors a systematic method to document and monetise personal collectionsa��an app called Prime Collector. a�?Collecting art is embedded in most cultures yet the practices and protocols that govern the treasure asset industry are very medieval,a�? he begins, adding that new markets like India, Brazil and China are behind those in the UK and USA. The app functions logically, making it simple to use. The collector photographs the collection, uploading details like value, provenance, location, restoration history, etc. a�?There are customised databases unique to each category. Privacy and security are prioritised too,a�? Mallik assures us, explaining that the app is not linked to a public database.
    Collectora��s edition
    Currently, the app covers over 20 categories including fine art, antiquities, vintage jewellery, classic cars, wine, stamps, coins, fashion, marine and aircraft, toys and cards. a�?While we would like to have users across all demographic segments, our app is built around a a�?do-it-yourselfa�� mentality,a�? he says, targetting millenials and young collectors who are comfortable with technology and a�?trust their iPhones implicitlya��. New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore are the hubs for collectors in India.
    We love the possibility to create a wishlist with photos to help remember what you want to acquire. Another plus is the service planning feature with an easy-to-track grid that shows services required in the short, medium and long term, with an inventory of vendor coordinates. Plus, easy printing and PDF generation from the app to enable quick sharing on social media.
    Details: primeartcapital.com
    a�� Aakanksha Devi

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