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    The Business Academy for the Young

    The BAYa��s workshop teaches decision making, money management and more, so kids can have an edge in the entrepreneurial race

    It will probably take a while before you hear about Cakes Around The Clock. But when you do, be informed that it is a cupcake venture by 11-year-old baker Rishika Bajaj, who was inspired by the workshop of entrepreneur Ruchi Mohunta and happiness coach Murali Sundaram. This duo, who started the week-old The Business Academy for the Young (or The BAY), will be conducting two-day workshops for eight to 14 year olds who would like to start a business of their own. And going by the long list of ideas from the 23 children who participated in the inaugural workshop last weekend at Savera Hotel, we can expect a new crop of entrepreneurs involved in everything from milkshakes and lending libraries to bookmarks and art.
    The Business Academy for the YoungPost modules on goal-setting, communication, understanding failure and taking responsibility (among others), the session winds up with a�?money management, where the children are taught to put aside separate piggy banks for investment, savings, play and charity,a�? says Mohunta, a former teacher who also runs an activity centre and outbound training centre for kids. The children even sit down and create their own business cards and promotional material towards the end of the workshop, after which the academy will continue to mentor and guide them for a year, helping with their business. The duo are also planning to organise a bazaar at the end of the year, where children can showcase their start-ups. While the next workshop is scheduled for the end of March (maybe March 28-29 and once in two months post that), Mohunta shares that they plan to come up with a mentorship programme for those above 14, by tying up with places where the children can get hands-on work experience.
    Workshop and annual membership at `9,000 per child. Details: baypreneurs.com
    A�Ryan Peppin

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      Ballet academies across the city give kids a chance to explore the classical dance form

      With MS Sreedhara��s annual recital, Dreams, scheduled for December 22, we round up some academies to sign up your tiny dancers to if they have fantasised about turning perfect plies and pirouettes on stage.

      Shona Dee Dance Academy
      A lawyer by profession, Shona Da��sa started learning ballet at nine and was inspired to start her academy when she taught a frienda��s daughter the basics of the art. She now trains children in classical and semi-classical ballet, adding elements of jazz and hip hop.
      Popular for her relaxed vibe, her classes are open to all ages and sizes. Mum Anjana Chandran, feels the class has a�?transformeda�� her daughter Hirankshi who has been a regular at Da��saa��s classes for seven years. a�?She now handles auditions confidently and will perform in an upcoming school play.a�? Da��sa recommends a�?a trial class to see if the child is really interested. And to ensure individual attention later.a�?
      Ages four and up.Timings: Vary. Fees: Depends on the time slot and age group. (Rs.1,000-Rs.2,000 ) Details: 25588325

      1212DSC_6808Yana Lewis Dance Academy
      Founded in 2002 by Yana Lewis from the UK, the company focuses on various styles of ballet including classical, jazz, and a unique yoga and ballet combination style. The ballerina cum choreographer conducts classes at her own academy and across city schools. She even teaches underprivileged children at the Parikrama foundation.
      Lewisa��s classes focus not just on dance but on a�?teamwork, critical thinking, organisation and problem-solvinga��. And punctuality. a�?Kids need to come in early and stretch before class so as to perform to their full potential,a�? she says. Sharada Suresh, a parent whose two daughters attend the academy says, a�?My daughter trained in Europe before joining the academy so I was very fortunate to find a good professional ballet school here in Bangalore.a�?Ages four and up. Timings: Mona��Thu, 4 pm a�� 6.30 pm, Sata��Sun, 9 am a�� 12.30 pm. Fees: Rs.5,000 per term. Details: 8088006677

      Latin Dance India
      Latin Dance India founded by Sai Raja and Kirthi Kishore simply aimed to a�?get people dancinga�?. They hold ballet classes by Yana Lewis, apart from director Raja, with options for private or group sessions. Trained in various styles of dance, Raja has worked with Jackie Chan in the film, The Myth.
      Kishore believes that kids should ideally start any dance training with ballet. a�?It helps them understand the importance of alignment and also prepares them for other dance forms, both Western and Indian.a�? Divya Nachani, whose son has been taking classes for the past four years, says that her son has improved his balance in other sports too.A�Ages four and up. Timings: 4.30 a�� 6.30 pm on Mondays, 5.30 a�� 7.30 pm on Fridays. Fees: Rs.5,000 per month. Details: 9448380213

      kidsLourd Vijay
      The ballet courses at LVDS are conducted by Anirvan from the UK, and follow an international syllabus. They are also split into two different age groups. A pioneer of Western dance styles in India, Vijay believes that a�?parents should identify the right instructor and school, as the children are at a very vulnerable age and fear should not affect their performancea�?. Kriti Karanth, whose daughter has been going only for a few months since June, says shea��s already noticed a difference. a�?My daughter is much more focused and disciplined.a�?
      Ages four and up. Timings: 4.30 a�� 6.30 pm Mondays and Wednesdays. Fees: Registration of Rs.950 and Rs.2,200++ for eight classes.
      Details: 9845239123

      MS Sreedhar
      One of the most intensive courses around is MS Sreedhara��s a�?Body Languagea�� classes at the Alliance Francaise, meant for the truly serious, feels Sugandhi Ramesh, whose two daughters have been studying dance with him for 13 years. a�?My daughters have plenty of confidence and a good sense of rhythm and movement,a�? she adds. But be prepared to be committed in his class. a�?It takes a lot of time and effort to perfect your moves, so be consistent with practices , even though ita��s repetitive, despite exams or holidaysa�?, he signs off.
      Ages five and up. Timings: Mon a�� Fri 4.30 a�� 6.30 pm, Sat a�� Sun 7 pm. Fees: Rs.600 upwards per month. Details: 9844020801

      Dreams, an exploration through dance, will be held at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on December 22.
      Entry by invitation only.

      By Rashmi Rajagopal and Tia Raina

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