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    La Reserve and other gems are paired with live music and comedy at the first Grover Zampa festival

    While the vineyard has become quite the place for gigs in recent years, a new performing arts festival aims to bring the vineyard into the city. Gearing up for its first edition tomorrow, The Great Grover Wine Festival promises to keep you entertained with music from DJ Varun and Mad Orange Fireworks, as well as stand up comedy from Praveen Kumar. The highlight of the day will be a set from headliners Swarathma.

    O2002CultureLead1n stage
    Excited to be playing in their home city before they take an extended break to focus on a new album, Swarathma will treat the audience to a mix of old favourites and new material. a�?We want to play newer songs that have not been released on an album yet, as they show the direction that wea��re moving in as a band,a�? says bass guitar player Jishnu Dasgupta. These include Lay it on Me, recently co-written with Lebanese rock band The Wanton Bishops, and Rung Jinda Hai, co-written in collaboration with students from the citya��s National Institute of Design. a�?Lay it on Me is about life being easier if you share one anothera��s burdens, while Rung Jinda Hai is about aging positively,a�? explains Dasgupta. Also expect classics like Ee Boomi, always popular with the home crowd, and look forward to the groupa��s famed audience connect. a�?We throw energy into the audience and it comes right back. Ita��s a beautiful cycle,a�? says Dasgupta.
    2002CultureLead2Vintage year
    While music and comedy form the backbone of the festival, Grover Zampa CEO Sumedh Singh Mandla also hopes people will try new wines and connect with the brand. a�?Our portfolio has greatly increased, so ita��s a chance for people to sample what we have to offer. Wea��re introducing new vintages for popular and award-winning wines like La Reserve, Chene Grand Reserve, and the sparkling wines SoirA�e Brut and Brut RosA� at the festival,a�? he shares, adding, a�?We want to convert people to drinking Indian wine, and more importantly our wine!a�? With that in mind, there are four sommelier-led tasting sessions throughout the day, as well as lighthearted activities like stomping the newly-harvested grapes. Also dona��t miss the flea market, which has been organised in collaboration with Soul Sante, and an art and sculpture gallery.
    February 21. At Bhartiya City, Chokkanahalli. Tickets (Rs. 1,000)
    on bookmyshow.com

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      Sanctum Club Golf Tournament

      Sanctum Club hosts the 19th hole of an invitational golf tournament

      Back for its second edition, the Sanctum Prestige Golf Tournament is set to become an annual tradition in the city. Presented by British Airways and Volvo, this yeara��s tournament offers the winner the chance to be coached by former US Open champion and Ryder Cup hero, Justin Rose.

      Putting green
      While the success of last yeara��s event made a second edition almost inevitable, Sanctum managing director Baba Chandok is keen to point out that the 2015 edition goes well beyond its predecessor. a�?British Airways got to know of the tournament, and gave us a substantial prize a�� a business class ticket to UK, hotel accommodation, and best of all, access to an exclusive golf clinic with Justin Rose, who is ranked fifth in the world,a�? he shares. Seventy five participants have already signed up, and Chandok is confident of closing numbers at around 110 golfers. a�?Competitors are drawn largely from our members, their associates as well as delegations and high profile clients from our sponsors such as Ernst and Young and other corporates, making it a good networking opportunity,a�? he elaborates.
      On the cards
      A breakfast at the Prestige Golf Shire course will commence proceedings, before participants tee off. The tournament will conclude after a short interval for lunch, while the grand finale will be an evening reception and award ceremony at Sanctum Club, with prizes being distributed by well-known city personalities, hopefully including Nicole Faria. To make things more interesting, a number of professional golfers will play alongside the competitors. These include Khalin Joshi and Sharmila Nicollete, the youngest golfer from India to qualify for the Ladies European Tour. A qualified instructor from Professional Golfersa�� Association (Switzerland) himself, Chandok describes the tournament as the a�?biggest eventa�� in Sanctuma��s packed calendar. a�?I dona��t know of any club in India thata��s able to put on a golf tournament of this scale so ita��s something that we are very proud of. Many months of organisation have gone into this, and the prize really is worth trying for,a�? he signs off.
      February 13. Details: sanctum.co.in

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        A play within a play challenges stereotypes.

        Based on the novel that inspired the term a�?masochisma��, David Ivesa�� Venus in Fur explores relations between the sexes, picking up a Tony award for its run on Broadway. The Indian adaptation is directed by Arjun Sajnani, with city thespians Susan George and Nakul Bhalla playing the male and female leads. With a cast of two, the action unfolds in a New York theatre, with director Thomas Novacek lamenting the lack of inspiring actresses whoa��ve come to audition for his play. Enter Vanda Jordan, whose confident performance takes him unawares.
        a�?My shows are usually big ones, but this is a whole different feel,a�? shares Sajnani. a�?Ita��s been great fun tackling something that relies entirely on the content,a�? he says, explaining that the focus is solely on the dialogue, with no distractions in the form of extra characters, sets or costumes. Sajnani has been working on the script since October. a�?Ita��s a pure performance piece sustained over 90 minutes, with no interval,a�? he shares, noting that its intensity meant that he spent a lot of time thinking about how each and every word should be delivered, and trying to connect with the truth of what the playwright had written.
        Talking heads
        While the play might not have any a�?gimmicksa��, its strength comes from the relevance of its themes, and the clever ways in which they are explored. a�?I was drawn to the script because of its noir humour,A�the fact ita��s well-written, explores relationship dynamics and also has a theatrical context,a�? continues Sajnani. Explaining that by the end of the performance, the lines between the play and the play within the play are thoroughly blurred, he also shares that the power dynamics are constantly shifting. The director also promises that theatre-goers will leave the performance with a lot to think about. a�?The more I worked with it, the more profound I realised it was. A lot of people will go home and continue discussing the issues it raises,a�? he signs off.

        Until January 18. At Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar. Tickets (`200) on bookmyshow.com

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        Violence provides a talking A�point for city-based authors

        Ack for its fourth year, the Lekhana Literary Weekend hones in on Narratives of Violence. The citya��s homegrown festival includes a host of panel discussions, involving poets, playwrights, novelists and journalists, as well as a film screening and interactive presentation.

        1601CultureLead2Topical tales

        a�?We live in violent times, and art reflects that. So it was quite an obvious theme,a�? says founder Arshia Sattar, adding that the concept has been interpreted in its broadest sense, encompassing physical, emotional and metaphorical violence. Taking the idea of a�?violencea�� outside of its usual context, there will also be sessions on a�?cultural violencea�� defined as the act of crafting language to your own ends. a�?As a translator, I know that narratives have to be modified to suit different world views. You can see this as a type of violence a��it doesna��t have to be negative,a�? she says. She hopes that the theme will allow authors to reflect on the process of writing as much as the work itself. To enable this, participants will speak in pairs, with a moderator guiding their discussion. Samhita Arni, who will be speaking about writing for children, believes ita��s an important conversation to have. a�?The whole point of literature is to get you to see the other side of the story. It can help you to examine the causes of violence, and provide you with various ways of dealing with it,a�? she muses.

        Local flavour
        The festival grew out of the Sangam House writera��s residency, which Sattar also manages, and the links between the two are very important. a�?Sangam is not located in a vacuum, it has to interact with the surroundings in which it exists. Lekhana is one of the ways in which authors and readers come together in the city,a�? she says. Her idea of a non-hierarchical and distinctly local festival is echoed by the authors who are taking part. a�?Ita��s more intimate than other literature festivals, and you feel very invested in the process,a�? says Arni, adding that it also has a non-commercial vibe. This, Sattar explains, is because they have no sponsorship from publishers, allowing their discussions to be a�?freer and with a strong sense of camaraderie.a�?

        January 17 and 18. Entry free.
        At IIHS, Sankey Road.
        Details: facebook.com/LekhanaBangalore

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          A new resto-cafe combines fine dining and cafe culture

          Not a month goes by without a new eating spot popping up in Kammanahalli, or what is now being called KammanHattan. Keeping in mind the ever-changing scene and intense competition, the owners of Byli (short for Bet You Love It!) have tried to bridge several markets, curating a space for the young as well as families.
          Byli makes the most of its small size with a careful layout. Step inside and youa��re greeted by wooden bench seating, which traces the edge of a striking water feature, drawing your eye to the deli counter and blackboard specials menu at the back of the space. Off to one side is a more private, air conditioned area where there is both lounge seating and bar stools. We chose to sit in the shadow of the water feature, and were encouraged to sample drinks from the in-house mocktail bar, settling for a Pom-Berry Belini, and Abia��s Crush, a house specialty which combined vanilla ice cream, lime juice, soda and pineapple crush, all to delicious effect.
          Spoiled for choice.
          The menu is extensive, with all-day breakfast on the one hand, bar snacks, burgers, pizzas and fine dining options on the other. We started with the spinach, artichoke and cream cheese dip, which is served with grilled focaccia strips, and is highly recommended to whet your appetite.
          Skipping light eats, we moved straight to main courses, opting for vegetable veracruzana and lamb souvlaki. Simple yet effective, the Veracruzana paired grilled cottage cheese with generously spiced Spanish rice and a sherry cream sauce. The lamb in the Souvlaki was tender, and worked well with the soft, home-made pittas, Greek salad and creamy tzatziki sauce. We were almost too full to sample the dessert, but managed to squeeze in few bites of Sneaker Treat, a decadent combination of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse.

          600 for two. At First Avenue, 5th Main, HBR Layout.
          Details: 40999906
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          A homecoming exhibition brings together Ram Shergilla��s Indian photographs

          The British fashion photographer best known for his work with Vogue, Harpera��s Bazaar, Tatler, Dazed & Confused and W magazine, Ram Shergill has collaborated with subjects like Amy Winehouse, Diane Kruger and Naomi Campbell. Shergill is in town to launch Kaleidoscope, an exhibition that curates some of his most iconic work with an Indian context.
          Indian connect
          Bringing together photographs taken over a 10-year period, the exhibition is particularly special for Shergill, who feels it is an a�?honoura�� to exhibit his work a�?in the land of his forefathersa��. Elaborating on his kaleidoscopic theme, he explains that the idea was inspired by a kaleidoscope he was given as a child. a�?Once you turned the nozzle you would get many patterns, which in my mind I would make scenes and pictures out of.a�? There is a strong Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla presence in the collection, from Shergilla��s project on the duoa��s 25th anniversary. Other pieces were initially commissioned for UK-based Harpera��s and Queen, Drama Magazine, UK Bazaar, among others.
          Behind the lens
          Renowned for always giving his subjects a part to play, the sense of character and atmosphere is ever apparent in Shergilla��s portraits. In Floating in Couture, which was inspired by The Lady of Shalott, the photographer mused on the concept of freedom, expressing it through the a�?dream-like staturea�� of his subject. Discussing the visually arresting Rainbow Nation, the photographer shares that a�?ita��s about the many colours that we have in our psyche, we see life in different colours. I feel we have a pot of gold within us, and I wanted to portray that in this image.a�? The quintessential Indian elephant also makes an appearance in several photographs, reflecting the fact that Shergill sees it as an animal that a�?reflects the powera�� of India. a�?The inter relation between the model and the animal shows how man and animal can be strong together to create a harmony on earth,a�? he signs off.

          Until February 5. Monday a�� Saturday, 10 ama��6 pm. At Sua House, Kasturba Cross Road. Details: 40535217

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            Truefitt and Hill bring a touch of understated A�style to India

            The oldest barbers shop in the world, which boasts a Royal Warrant to H.R.H, The Duke of Edinburgh, Truefitt & Hill has opened its doors in Mumbai. Introducing the concept of a barbera��s shop a�� popular in Europe a�� this mena��s-only grooming space provides an option for clients wanting swift, luxurious service.
            0201SocietyAnchor2Mana��s world
            Citing the lack of male-centred options for top-end clients, Lloyds Luxuries managing director, Krishna Gupta is confident that hea��s found a gap in the market. a�?It is not everyday that you stumble across a 200-year-old brand, dedicated to mena��s grooming. Yet men are starting to take better care of themselves the world overa�?, he says. a�?Here in India all salons are occupied by roughly 80 per cent women, so for men to go in and have a shave, haircut, or manicure is not comfortable,a�? Lloyds co-director, Istayak Ansari elaborates. Truefitt & Hill signature treatments include a 40-minute a�?Royal Shavea�� that involves hot towel wraps, a pre-shave oil and aftershave balms. Men can also pick up Truefitt and Hill branded products, including fragrances, gels and shampoos. a�?My personal favourite is the Sandalwood and Grafton range,a�? advises Gupta. A line of quirky cufflinks from mena��s jeweller Deakin and Francis, is also available.
            Loyal following
            Central to the concept are the female barbers at the outlet. a�?There isna��t a single place here where you can get a fine, clean shave by a female barber. Yet women tend to have a gentle touch, offering a better experience,a�? explains Ansari. Trained by expert barbers from the London outlet, Vrinda Rambhia and Jenny Chithung have built up a loyal following. a�?Our clientele includes high profile businessmen, politicians and celebrities. They come for our excellent service and skills,a�? says Rambhia. Chithung adds that the personal touch is important. a�?We know their likes and dislikes, their choice of drink, newspapers and birthdays. There is a sense of familiarity,a�? she concludes. With swift business in the months since the launch, the brand plans to expand into Bangalore and Delhi, replicating their model of quick yet excellent service for discerning gentlemen.

            `200 upwards. At Colaba and Khar, Mumbai. Details: truefittandhill.in

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              Heralding the new year with special programmes, Jagriti theatre mixes things up for the jaded culture vulture. Dedicated to stand-up comedy and musicality, this season also has a multinational line up of plays. The latter part of the year will showcase national and international productions, as part of the Curtain Raiser programme, which celebrates drama making its city debut. This year will include Shakespearea��s The Comedy of Errors by the UKa��s The HandleBards.
              Curating the arts
              a�?Jagriti has always showcased dance, music and comedy,a�? says programming executive Rakhi Bose, a�?Yet the past four years have been a process of trial and error. Now we have a structured platform: Musical Twist for music and dance and Jollies at Jagriti for stand-up, improv and sketch comedy.a�? Musical Twist evenings will take place every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year, while Jollies at Jagriti on Wednesdays. The weekends will be reserved for plays.
              In the pipeline
              The first a�?jollya��, on January 7, sees comedienne duo Richa Kapoor and Sumukhi Suresh in the house, for a sketch show based on their everyday lives. a�?Comedy is a medium to communicate, vent, romance and bicker. Jagriti will make it popular, giving our shows more scope to reach out,a�? says Suresh. You can also expect sets by Biswa Kalyan Rath, Punchtantraa, Praveen Kumar and Kenny Sebastian later in the year. On the musical side, singer Jyotiprakash Atre kicks things off on January 6, with an evening dedicated to singer Kishore Kumar.
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                Great ideas designed for hosts most wanted, so you can bring in 2015 on your terms

                Avoid traffic snarls, obnoxious strangers, tardy bar service and slow buffet lines this New Yeara��s Eve and throw your own memorable bash with help from our home-friendly services instead

                1. In tune
                1Cover1Bring in some classical and contemporary jazz to the party with the talented Raman Iyer on the saxophone. Nicknamed Saxman, Iyer will serenade the crowd with his repertoire of Bollywood, retro and popular numbers too if you are not a jazz aficionado. Available for solo performances or along with his band, you can have an evening with ambient music or a concert feel for Rs.10,000 including professional sound. Details: 9845181485

                2. Sing along
                With experience in karaoke jockeying at various pubs across the city, Aditya Rao supplements crowd-sourced karaoke performances with his light humour and entertainment. Hea��ll even help break the ice if you have a large mixed group. Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Coldplay and Blake Shelton are his favourite hits to get people in the mood as a�?it is all about getting even non-singers to belt out a tunea��. Retro tunes, Bollywood numbers and current hits are also high on his list. Rs.40,000 for a night. Details: 8884961454

                2Cover13. Shutterbug
                A master behind the lens, Devika Raman is also the ideal person to add some quirk to your photographs. If you force her to do plain old candid shots she will, but do encourage her to turn your party photos into an interesting story. Capturing the moment effectively, Raman is also great at adding subtle humour to photographs. Photobooth sessions and pre-party planning is also part of her repertoire. Rs.5,000 upwards for four hours. Details: 8861064480

                4. Take one
                1stDecember Films, led by Atul Kattukaran, has won Lions at the Cannes film festival, so you can only imagine the talent you are bringing on board to film your party. They specialise in making the video different from the usual boring documentary style by adding lipdubs, comic lines and more importantly, setting it up to seem like the film is all candid. Water shoots and stylised ones are their forte. Rs.45,000 upwards. Details: 1stdecember.com

                3Cover25. Laugh out loud

                If youa��re looking for a big dose of humour, USA returned Sanjay Manaktala, is your guy. A stand-up comedian who has worked with big companies, The Comedy Store, theatre and several pubs across the country, he is also the founder of Bangalorea��s longest running stand-up collective, Polished Bottoms. His jokes cover IT geeks, airline stewardesses, social stereotypes and even audience-inspired gags. Give him enough time and details on your invitees, hea��ll even personalise a show for you. Praveen Rao, known for his observational humour and Soapy Rao, who is great with audience rapport, are other city-based comics to add humour to the do. Details: sanjaycomedy.com / comedianpraveen.com / sundeeprao.com

                4Cover6. Treasure trove
                The brain-child of Divya Jaising and Kirti Samant, Marigold Diaries adds some mystery to your party and will have the entire troop on a treasure hunt. a�?We work better with themes as then clues are more distinct and entertaining that just a generic hunt. Although if kids are involved, we do make it simpler,a�? says Jaising, adding that they also do food hunts, leading people on a culinary trail and are tailor-made to suit your needs so clues will be either easy or cryptic based on your brief. a�?But the point is to have fun, not be fiercely competitive,a�? she says. They charge up to Rs.3,000 per person, for the whole hunt, but that also includes theme-based props and manpower, as it sometimes extends city-wide. Details: 9916139182

                6Cover17. Prop it up
                Choose from a variety of themes like retro, Bollywood, wild wild west, Mardi Gras, bikes, punks, pirate or princess. And then head over to Party Mania where Sandeep Kumar will guide you with the most colourful and entertaining props in store. From crowns and costumes to feather boas and crazy glasses, he will dress up your party. Throw in some wigs, wall decor, tableware, casino chips and we assure you The Strip in Las Vegas will be in competition! Props start at Rs.100. At Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield. Details: 67266229

                8. Art of design
                Sketch prides itself on fresh and innovative designs. Theya��ll also make invitation cards, design photobooths and give away packages that range from cutesy paper photo frames to hangover kits. Thankyou notes will make your party more personalised too, but do get founder Natalie Mankani to design coasters, stickers, tees and picture frames to keep your party bang on theme. Illustrator Nirupa Rao will add in graphics and sketches to match designer Mankania��s ideas. Rs.300 per piece of art. Details: 9980542667

                7Cover29. Street hustle
                Calling his style the simpler version of Criss Angel and David Blaine, Vamsi KV has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Especially if there are cards involved. With sleight of hand and smooth-talking, the young man will wow you with his bag of tricks and switches. a�?Essentially, card tricks are all about being fast and it is great to have someone willing to suspend their rationale for a few minutes,a�? he tells us. At a party with drinks flowing, we think that wona��t be a biggie. If you can, convince him to fix you an exotic cocktail as he also moonlights as a mixologist. Rs.5,000 for two hours. Details: wildcardentry2010@gmail.com

                10. Tag, youa��re it
                Convert your home into a laser tag arena with Evibe. The team arranges laser tag equipment that includes 10 guns and 10 Jackets for three hours, with other equipment being charged extra. Rs.8,000++. Details: 9035009897

                11. Strings attached
                Aneesh Vidyashankar, 23, is just back from a world tour of 23 countries and has played the violin for the likes of Abdul Kalam, Deepika and Prakash Padukone, and Sheetal Malhara��s fashion show. The young lad blends hip-hop, EDM, alternative and rock music with classical Western and Indian sounds. Hire him for Rs.80,000 upwards. Details: 9844308222

                9Cover112. Arabian nights
                Add some glamour to your evening with belly dancers from Tarantismo. Founded by Arati Punwani Sunawala and Deepthi Shetty, the school specialises in belly dancing, having performed at Florida and Cairo. Theya��ll not only spice up the party, but give you a lesson or two for the rest of the evening. RS.10,000 upwards.Details: tarantismo.in

                13. Dial M for murder
                Feeling like a good old murder mystery?A�Ring Riti MD, a former journalist, who organises murder mystery parties. The stories are glamorous and urban, often along the lines of a popular actress found murdered in her pool, with Riti and her team serving as suspects. Rs.10,000 upwards. Details: rmglearning.com

                14. Military style
                Kind of an obstacle course with natural objects serving as obstacles, parkour is defined as getting from one place to the next in the most efficient way possible. Chethan Ramshi Da��Souza of Shootfighters can give you a session or performance to add some action to your party. Rs.8,000 upwards. Details: 9945131947

                15. Croonera��s corner
                A finalist in Saregamapa, Sinchan Dixit made her Bollywood debut this year in Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi. Happiest in intimate gatherings where she can interact with the audience, shea��s open to taking requests. (`60,000 upwards. Details: facebook.com/sinchan.dixit). Or choose Rishikesh Basu for Bollywood, Bengali and Sandalwood songs. a�?Around 20 people is ideal crowd to take requests, and chat in between songs,a�? he says. His set is usually two hours long, with time for special requests. Rs.5,000 upwards. Details: 9886118953

                16. Jam time

                An alternative folk rock band, One Girl Shy is a group lead by singer Akhilesh Kumar (formerly of Solder) and includes a bassist, violinist, drummer and two female singers. The result is a fresh, vibrant sound that would get any party going. The group ideally requires a 15-foot stage, but for smaller gatherings special arrangements can be made, for acoustic sets with just two members. Rs.40,000 upwards. Details: facebook.com/1GrlShy

                10Cover217. Groove master

                Best known as the resident entertainment manager at Skyye Bar and Blimey, DJ Deepak is also much in demand as a
                private deejay, to pump out the music at exclusive gatherings, including a number of functions at Catholic Club. While his signature sound is most definitely EDM, hea��s happy to throw in some Bollywood numbers to get the crowd onto the floor, and has established a reputation as a
                versatile master of the decks. Rs.3 lakh upwards. Details: facebook.com/djdeee

                18. Balancing act

                If you want to liven up a party and teach your guests a few new skills, then Gunjan Saraf is your man. An expert in contact juggling, poi performance art and hooping, hea��s also adept at passing on his skills, as he runs regular workshops and tutorials for all ages across the city. Hea��ll bring all the necessary props with him, so you and your guests just need to be open to trying something different. Rs.10,000 upwards. Details: gunjansaraf.com

                19. Drawing inspiration

                A cartoonist and caricaturist, Balraj KN has captured faces at high-profile events like Comic Con, as well as catering to private parties and corporate events. The sketches can be done in pen and ink, or straight onto his iPad using a stylus, so that they can be mailed directly to you. Each sketch takes between five and 10 minutes. Rs.3,000 per hour upwards. Details: balrajkn.com

                Bar code
                if you cana��t get a bartender, Install THE My Cocktail Bar app and never be short of Exotic drinkS. If you input the spirits, fruits and other ingredients that you have, it will give you a list of suggestions, and a step by step guide on how to execute them. On android. Details: play.google.com

                20. Spice it up

                Led by Indiaa��s Got Talent finalist and salsa champion Richard David Tholoor, the team at the The Richard David Tholoor Dance Project will come in and get your party started. Theya��ll first storm the dance floor with a routine, before giving a workshop to get your guests moving. The price varies depending on the seniority of the dancers who attend. Rs.25,000 upwards. Details: richarddavidtholoordanzproject.blogspot.in

                21. Loose ends

                If youa��re holding an elaborate event with lots of different elements, it might be worth hiring an MC to knit it all together, and make sure that your guests dona��t miss anything. MC Anu is an expert, with over 650 events to her name. Rs.25,000 upwards, approximately. Details: mcanu.in

                22. Shooting colours

                Therea��s nothing quite like a splash of outdoor colours to liven up a party. We highly recommend you turn your garden into a paintball arena for some multi-hued fun. Yuyutsa, The Paintball Arena will help you set up a war field in your very own garden. A heads-up though a�� a minimum of 100 guests and 10,000 square feet are the pre-requisites. Rs.600 upwards per head. Details: 9980027289

                23. Behind bars

                Avalon Byford and his team of flair bartenders are experts at adding that special touch to a gathering. Theya��ve catered for groups of up to 3,000, but also handle smaller gatherings. The price for each flair bartender is around Rs.6,000 upwards for an event, and you can expect them to flair two or three times over the course of the evening. Regular cocktail mixers are also available, and they provide everything aside from the
                alcohol. Details: 9845164770
                Light up
                Stylus Sound and Lighting Offers audio and lighting to make your party look like a carnival. Based on your requirement or budget, they will set up the place with concert effect, smoke machines, moving lights, DJ console, laser lights, amplified sound and disco lights. Rs.10,000 upwards. Details: 9620216310

                24. Grilling session

                An offshoot of burger destination Pepper Zing, this home-catering barbecue team is a great dinner option for a winter evening. If you fancy doing it yourself then you can buy marinated meat (including chicken, lamb, beef and even squid) by the kilo, otherwise the team will come in and take care of the grilling from start to finish, even clearing up at the end of the designated three-hour period. Rs.750 upwards per head. Details: 9742578988

                25. Pole position

                For a dance performance thata��s sure to set your party apart, you can call on the Maya model agency in Delhi, which specialises in providing world-class performers across genres, including pole dancing. The international pole dancers specialise in pure Oriental pole dancing, and are willing to travel for private functions, at your expense. Rs.1.5 lakh onwards (expenses additional). Details: maya-models.comm indulgebng@newindianexpress.com
                a�� Aakanksha Devi, Rashmi Rajagopal
                and Maegan Dobson Sippy

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                  Bring in 2015 with more finesse and less chaos

                  STORMING the dance floor to the beat of a deejay at a wild party is one way to see in the new year. But you could also go in for a more glamorous celebration, complete with ballroom dancing, champagne towers and loads of razzle dazzle.

                  High Ultra Lounge
                  Only 500 tickets are available for this black tie evening with a choreographed ballroom dance show, professional dancers helping the crowd with routines and a full spread with premium liquor. Spectacular fireworks and a champagne toast mark midnight. Rs.8,000 per couple.
                  Details: 45674567

                  The Leela Palace
                  Here, a vintage glamour theme takes you back to the golden age of jazz with a swing band, jazz singer and pianist. Expect champagne towers, and an elaborate feast that includes a seafood tower with oysters, lobster and clams, plus salmon, sushi and dim sum bars and unlimited premium liqueur from the bar. Rs.12,000 per couple. Details: 25211234

                  2612SocietyAnchorNEW2The Oberoi
                  Enjoy the four different venues within the hotel as a live band plays popular numbers at the Le Jardin terrace. Sample the Western and Indian speciality buffet at Le Jardin and Rim Naam, a four-course Chinese set menu at Szechwan Court, or a spread of mezze, antipasti, kebabs and biryani at Polo Club. All areas have access to the dance floor. Rs.10,000++ (without alcohol),Rs.12,000++ (with sparkling wine), Rs.15,000++ (with champagne) per couple. Details: 25585858

                  Keys Hotel, Whitefield
                  The Royal Ball at Keys promises a mix of live performances and a dash of razzle dazzle. Catch a dance show by Russian duo Tatlana and Valerlya, enjoy cocktails from the celebrity bartenders and pyrotechnics at midnight with unlimited food and alcohol, and even an overnight stay plus breakfast at the hotel. VIP pass Rs.7,000 per couple. Details: 39451000

                  a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy

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