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Collectabillia presents its third auction, with Federera��s racquet, Sachina��s bat and Suareza��s boot, up for grabs

After successful online auctions Collectabillia, the Bangalore-based store selling authentic signed sports and entertainment memorabilia, brings Chennai the third edition of its Collectabillia Winter Auction. The auction has memorabilia, including autographed boots/spikes by Suareza��s, Usain Bolt, and autographed photos by celebs like Tom Cruise and Al Pacino going under the hammer. Father-son tennis duo of Vijay and Prakash Amritraj will take centre stage during the auction, in a live conversation with the guests, and Anjana Reddy, the founder of Collectabillia, promises a a�?Fun and relaxed evening with Vijay cracking jokes and keeping the air light and exciting.a�? She also tells us about the most sought after items at the auction:At 6.30 pm, on December 20, at Vivanta by Taj-Connemara. Details: collectabillia.com

a��Aishwarya Kumar

Sachin Tendulkara��s bat
I think this is going to be the show-stealer. There is no need to add anything more to the fact that it is the bat with which he scored his hundredth hundred. Starting bid: Rs.2,00,000

Roger Federera��s racquet
I am really looking
forward to the auctioning of Rogera��s racquet because it is close to my heart. I see a lot of tennis fans are really excited about the new products that we have on offer for this auction. Starting bid: Rs.2,00,000

Cristiano Ronaldoa��s jersey
Ronaldo and Messi have been newly signed by us this year. Ronaldoa��s jersey in particular is going to be a great hit at the auction because of how famous he is and how crazy people in India are about football.Starting bid: Rs.1,50,000

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