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    In the 80s, we watched Captain Kirk requesting teleportation via a device many of us thought was just science fiction. However, the device used by the crew of the Starship Enterprise made its presence felt in the 90s, in the form of a mobile phone. The future was here, and it wasna��t just science fiction. The same is the case with radio.
    In the mid 90s, we presenters depended on hand-me-downs when it came to music. Long-playing records scratched against the stylus and spools rolled out the advertisements. Compact discs looked like something from a distant planet. Little did the medium of radio know then that, by the turn of the century, technology would have provided a newer platform, and that the sound that was once heard in a 60-kilometre radius, would soon be heard globally. Today, radio stations stream their content live on the web, giving listeners who are not in the country an opportunity to tune into their favourite radio station.
    As technology advances, there will be many more innovations that will make radio a customised experience. If you really dona��t like a presenter or the volley of ads in a break, you will probably be able to by-pass it. Now wouldna��t that be something! You might ask why someone would tune into a regional channel while travelling abroad. Well, ita��s the regional stations that give you news from your city and that makes you feel in touch wherever you are.
    The a�?appcentrica�� world is a boon for the mediuma��and app creators have done a fantastic job of making a futuristic idea available in the present. It is for the players to understand that listeners are not only in your city, but all over the world. You just have to find a way to reach out to them, find out their perspective of the brand, choice of programming, and take it forward. The future will be bright if there is a marriage between terrestrial radio and the World Wide Web. See you next week.

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