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    Hyatt Regency also presents the flavours of Taiwan and the celebrated Chef Sung Chiung-Hung from Grand Hyatt Taipei. Conceptualised by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in Chennai, it will feature the influences of Mainland China, particularly from the province of Fujian (Hokkien). Chef Sung promises native Taiwanese dishes, and is packing his bags with glutinous rice flour, shrimp, mushrooms, bubble pearl (for the bubble milk tea), red bean paste and chestnut flour. Phew! Be prepared to dig into local treats like pumpkin rice noodles and Hakka savoury dumplings. Sharing that Taiwan is famous for its a�?a�?small delicaciesa��a�� he continues, a�?a�?I like our night markets, for the oyster pancake and stinky tofu. My picks are Taichunga��s Feng Chia Night Market, Taipeia��s Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market.a��a�� The festival begins today, with a traditional dance performance. Rs 2,500++ for two. Till May 24.


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