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Speaking easy, Amitabh Bachchan A�on taking selfies, vlogging A�and the need for online restraint


Nearing the 3,000 days mark on Tumblr, with more than 17 million followers on Twitter and over 22 million likes on Facebook, the tech savvy Amitabh Bachchan is clearly not new to social media. While the megastar,73, is busy promoting the new celebrity video blogging app, Wakau, in Mumbai, we catch up with him as he shares with us his five point index a�� on social media, celebrity mystique and more.

1.Juggling many social media platforms is no big deal. The dapper host of the new TV show, Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi, says: a�?In Mumbai you have to spend an hour before you reach anywhere. I am just saying a�� you are driving down and you are not doing anything, listening to some music maybe, or looking at some paperwork or you could be on twitter!a�?

2. No blogging via phone: a�?I need to be in a settled place and I need my brains, or whatever is left of it, at that point of time to be in some kind of process before I can start writing or I can start thinking of a response.a�?

3. Caution is recommended. Having grappled with lawsuits in the past over copyright issues, the actor says:
a�?I have my lawyers now saying
a�?for Goda��s sake dona��t do this cut paste joba��, so I have started avoiding that! Rules will gradually evolve as legal issues take place a�� but until that time you use your own restraint as to how you want to conduct yourself in this medium.a�?

4. Social media aids history: a�?Lot of people object to the fact that every time you step out of the house, there are one billion cameras following you, taking photographs, doing selfies, this and the other. But look at it the other way. Somehow, there is documentation of every individual happening every day.a�?

5. Three faces to everyone, including celebrities: a�?It will be terrible for every celebrity to disclose everything about them. Take Marlon Brando and Greta Garbo for instance a�� one will never know everything about them. Let it be a mystique how Dilip saab approached his roles. I tweeted the other day a�� Every individual has three faces. One that is his own that he sees in the mirror. The other, which he shares with his family. And one that he does not share with anyone. That will always remain and thank God for that.a�?

a�� Sabrina Rajan


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