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    re:cess, the charming cafA� at The Hilton, literally begs us to eat cake

    Free Wi-Fi is a good enough catch to get people to come over and spend a few hours at re:cess. But thata��s not the only thing about this place. This 24-hour coffee shop lets you be yourself, alone if need be, as you tuck into a simple, yet delicious menu of tea, coffee, and short eats. And then therea��s cake. One of their hit desserts is the New York cheesecake a�� ita��s generously sized, decadent, and has people raving about it. Even their macarons resemble something out of an Enid Blyton story, or perhaps from the Mad Hattera��s tea party.

    I like the fact that they havena��t gone with just regular beverages. Of course you can have your south Indian filter coffee, and 1wines, but the fact that theya��ve created a list of rejuvenating drinks (they come really handy when you need a pick me up) that include the re:Coupe (carrot and orange juice spiked with celery, packed with vitamins A and C), re:Cover (basil and kaffir lime in sugarcane juice), and re:New (watermelon juice with a hint of mint and ginger, and spiked with chillies). To eat, the salads are tempting. The Cock-E-Leekie (inspired by the Scots, and made with mousseline, leek fritti, and prunes), or the Nicoise, made slightly more special with the addition of Saku Tuna Bresaola.

    This is also where I tried the Idli Burger, a slightly adventurous move on the part of the chef I must say. Slightly flattened idlis hold an aloo bonda in between, and it’s served with chutneys on the side, and it’s tasty. Ia��d have probably liked the idlis to be a little less dry though. And check out the chocolate high tea a�� ita��s sinful with a capital a�?Sa��.
    Rs.1,500 ++ (for two, without alcohol). The Hilton, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Off Intermediate Ring Road.
    Details 66799999
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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