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    Boat shaped benches, idli chairs, and other innovative designs at Kolkata-based store Space Tale Designs

    OW does the idea of sitting on a bunch of soft idlis, instead of eating them, sound? Well, Kolkata-based furniture designer, Subi Suman (32) has a mahogany chair inspired by the South Indian staple, with idli-shaped velvet cushions as the seat. a�?The traditional style of using green banana leaf as a plate for white idlis is a very appealing combination. We tried to flow that very thought in a family seating,a�? says Suman, an NID alumna and founder of the furniture brand, Space Tale Designs.
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    Launched three months ago, he is credited with the design of the Mola, for which he recently received a special mention by the jury at the third edition of Prix A�mile Hermes, an international design competition in Paris. Mola is a cocoon chair that was born out of a collaboration between Suman and Poulami Biswas, a graduate of Jadhavpur University. Inspired by Jamini Roya��s painting, showing a child sitting on its mothera��s lap, wrapped in her sari, it is made from eco-friendly bamboo fibres and a cotton sari. We also love the a�?Sonar Taria��, meaning the golden boat, which is a linear seat made from treated wood and inspired by Bengala��s early boat building tradition. The gold streaked cushions, resembling un-threshed rice, are placed in individual dugouts in the wood for support. His sofa cum tables and a centre table that doubles up as a trunk deserve a special mention. However, Sumana��s favourite, apart from Mola and the Idli chair, is Cuvoid, a functional centre table with storage cubes to store flowers, books and other decorative items.
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    Suman, who was into interior designing earlier, creates modular kitchens, dining tables and beds as well. He is soon going to launch recliner chairs that can be used in the living area and on the beach. a�?a�?We are also coming up with pocket friendly storage solutions and organisers,a��a�� he reveals. Suman has teamed up with Biswas, and they are currently working on a new home decor label called Ponytale together. Through it, they plan to promote hand-crafted pieces in collaboration with artisans from across India. Along with customising services, Suman will also deliver to Chennai.
    Priced from Rs.15,000. Also available on designemporio.in. Details: 9874745900

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