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    Natasha Mahindra introduces us to asanas and mudras devised for  cardiac patients


    Yoga has something for every concern—weightloss, flexibility, ageing. Now it seems there is something specific for the heart, especially for those suffering from cardiac trouble. Natasha Mahindra, a certified yoga therapist from the Kripalu centre in Massachusetts, is bringing down a two-day Healthy Heart programme that aims to heal, rejuvinate and balance the cardiovascular through asanas, pranayama and mudras. “The original programme devised by Kripalu is a 10-week one, which they take to hospitals in the US. I am giving an introduction to it in Chennai,” says Mahindra, who also runs a yoga retreat company, Anam Cara, in Bengaluru. As a practitioner, she shares that she isn’t looking at the physical alone. “I am also looking at the emotional and mental trauma that comes with heart disease, the emotions you face during recovery. The workshop is designed with all these different dimensions in mind,” she adds.
    Based on the pancha kosahs (the five layers of the body — physical, breath, emotional, mental and wisdom), the workshop will break down asanas (like paschimotasana) and breathing techniques, teach mudra sequences and meditations to relieve stress, besides conducting music therapy and chanting, and trust-building exercises, where people can speak about what they are facing. Mahindra assures that modification will be made for people who are not physically able to do the asanas. “We will placing pillows below the leg for paschimotasana. We also do chair yoga, where we use the furniture’s support to do asanas,” she says. And depending on the feedback she receives, she will introduce the full programme in the city.

    Saturday (5-6.30 pm) and Sunday (9-10.30 am). `3,000 (inclusive of salads and juices). Details: rutlandgatestudio@gmail.com

    — Surya Praphulla Kumar


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