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    Natasha Mahindra introduces us to asanas and mudras devised for A�cardiac patients


    Yoga has something for every concerna��weightloss, flexibility, ageing. Now it seems there is something specific for the heart, especially for those suffering from cardiac trouble. Natasha Mahindra, a certified yoga therapist from the Kripalu centre in Massachusetts, is bringing down a two-day Healthy Heart programme that aims to heal, rejuvinate and balance the cardiovascular through asanas, pranayama and mudras. a�?The original programme devised by Kripalu is a 10-week one, which they take to hospitals in the US. I am giving an introduction to it in Chennai,a�? says Mahindra, who also runs a yoga retreat company, Anam Cara, in Bengaluru. As a practitioner, she shares that she isna��t looking at the physical alone. a�?I am also looking at the emotional and mental trauma that comes with heart disease, the emotions you face during recovery. The workshop is designed with all these different dimensions in mind,a�? she adds.
    Based on the pancha kosahs (the five layers of the body a�� physical, breath, emotional, mental and wisdom), the workshop will break down asanas (like paschimotasana) and breathing techniques, teach mudra sequences and meditations to relieve stress, besides conducting music therapy and chanting, and trust-building exercises, where people can speak about what they are facing. Mahindra assures that modification will be made for people who are not physically able to do the asanas. a�?We will placing pillows below the leg for paschimotasana. We also do chair yoga, where we use the furniturea��s support to do asanas,a�? she says. And depending on the feedback she receives, she will introduce the full programme in the city.

    Saturday (5-6.30 pm) and Sunday (9-10.30 am). `3,000 (inclusive of salads and juices). Details: rutlandgatestudio@gmail.com

    a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar


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