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    On The Rocks goes sous-vide with a special menu available through the month of August

    SHERATON3You dona��t have to be a follower of MasterChef Australia to appreciate the new menu at the Sheraton Park Hotel & Towersa�� On the Rocks. But it helps if you have decided to enroll in a crash course of a�?Sous-Videa�? cooking and dona��t know the meaning of a�?mise en plata�? or wonder whether a�?Arborio ricea�? means people who sit on trees to eat their rice. For those who have majored in the MasterChef Australia series and watched the Three Amigos smack their lives with cries of a�?Yum!a�? therea��s nothing like spending an evening sampling the sous-vide menu devised by chef Rohit Koshi at On the Rocks. We cana��t really explain whether the name is more evocative of the bar downstairs, or the restaurant on the mezzanine, where the meats are served grilled on hot lava stones. The grizzly bears sitting around the bar dona��t seem to have ever left the place, while upstairs the diners seem to have aged with the dA�cor.

    Know your dinner
    a�?Sous-videa�? is the French term for a method of cooking that translates into vacuum cooked. Ita��s at the opposite end of the cooking spectrum from placing meats on the rocks. As chef Koshi demonstrates, one of the benefits of sous-vide cooking is that the ingredients retain their color and their freshness after being lowered in their sealed polyethylene bags into temperature controlled containers of hot water. a�?Ia��ve just pan seared the scallops for a few secondsa�? he explains, as he places the first course of appetisers on the table. Wea��ve already been grazing at the individual baked herbed bread served in small tins, with the most exquisite buttons of butter, pureed pumpkin and a half roasted garlic bulb that is expertly drizzled over the bread by our waiter with a garlic squeeze. Our tongues have been de-toxed by a tiny bite of pear stewed in red wine and served with feta cheese and one microscopic green sprig of chive.

    SHERATON12Tasting, feasting
    Each dish arrives plated that is to say, arranged in the most delectable way. We do not know whether to commend the scallops, or the chicken ravioli, each is both picture perfect and a delight to the taste. Even the sous-vide vegetarian main dish is perfect, a mix of colours as veggies have been slow cooked and grilled lightly and partnered with red-wine risotto and a delicate fennel and Emmenthal cheese sauce. Do we have time to describe the desserts? Perhaps not. But if you must choose just one, go for the Hazelnut caramel custard that they serve with a Brandy FlambA�, while the waiter holds up the menu against the smoke detectors. As they say in Australia, ita��s a�?yum!a�?
    All month, only for dinner at approximately `8,000 for two. Details: 24994101

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