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    Breakfast to cocktail hour — this new age bistro will see you through most mood swings and hunger pangs


    Stepping out of our comfort zones, we set out to visit Rasta One Place, a neon-lit bistro bar housed in a two-storey heritage bungalow. The charcoal grey and yellow café area invites regulars in for their American, English or Continental breakfast fix, and other meals through the day, while the green alfresco amphitheatre-type space behind the café holds the promise of exciting performances in store.

    Accessing the well-stocked bar and dining room complete with quaint dream catcher, we came face to face with the rather incongruous television screen with plenty of sporting activity with vibrant reggae music playing in the background. The music set a mellow tone for the evening, while we sampled the delightful Mojito and Whisky Sour cocktails.
    food8leadhThe Mojito was one of the best I’ve ever had. The mint flavor was intense and the rest of the drink was perfect. Those who had the

    Whisky Sour were equally happy with their drinks. There is a long list of cocktails and plenty of wine, vodka, scotch, and other options to choose from.

    Something solid
    Next, we went on to the nibbles. The tear-shaped cheese jalapeno shots which were soft and oozing cheese inside and crisp outside disappeared fast. The chicken paprika which is cooked in pineapple juice and spices was a tad too spicy for me but the crispy-fried breaded chicken tenders served with a tangy thousand island dressing were succulent and whetted our appetite for the rest of the gastronomical feast.

    For mains, we had Stuffed Chicken breast. It was very tender and well presented with a bite of spinach and mushroom in every morsel and served on a base of creamy mashed potatoes and zucchini sticks. The wood-fired pizzas, zesty nachos, pastas, burgers and steaks are all part of the extensive menu and some of us tucked into the thin-crust pizzas and burgers.
    food8leadcThe desserts are outsourced and we were a bit disappointed not to end on a sweet note since we didn’t get to see any of the layered cakes and French biscuits. So we opted to end our meal with Korean Gilna shots, which were potent enough to keep us tapping our feet to the music.
    `1,500++ for two.
    At Kalyan Nagar.
    Details: 9900072782

    –Vani Reddy


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