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Be it a beachA� party, or a wedding by the shores, here are the latest trends in swimwear

Everyonea��s idea of the perfect bikini is different. But whatever your shape or your swim agenda, here are the style rules to follow this season

Colour code
The beach look works wonders if you experiment with bright and pop colours. And this means, a�?no burgundy or royal blue, but fruity and macaron colours, especially if you are attending a destination wedding on a beach,a�? explains Reddy. But Ferreira reminds us, a�?Everybody loves black, and ita��s the one colour you must have in your collection at all times.a�? According to Claudette, who will be showing swimwear at the GIBFW bright yellow, gold or a mix of white and gold will help create the look. a�?Dark colours like Marcella are a great pick as well. Ita��s the colour of the year internationally. Dark violet can be another interesting colour to try this season,a�? she adds.

Classy is sexy
According to veteran designer James Ferreira, swimwearA� this season, across the globe, is inspired by the a��50s and a��60s in which the bottom is LFW15SRDay05fitted at the hips, and comes up to the navel. a�?This would actually suit the Indian population best, because women here are slightly big built,a�? he says. The Mumbai-based designer is showcasing his signature destination wedding bridal collection at the Gionee India Beach Fashion Week, which is underway. a�?I feel the floral and digital prints are in, and have given fashion a whole new dimension,” agrees 25-year-old Mumbai designer, Dionne Claudette, and adds, a�?In fact, women should also take advantage of clever design quirks such as the one-shoulder asymmetric style.a�? According to Hyderabad-based designer Shilpa Reddy, who occasionally designs bespoke swimwear, says, a�?The classy wrap-style suit, much like the wrap-around dress, gives you shape in all the right places.a�?


LFW15SRDay005Opposites attract
While purists would swear by the a�?big hat and sun glassesa�� look, this season, a�?head gear in colourful semi-precious pearls, and thin chains make you look dressy,a�? says Reddy. Since winter is also when everyone ends up planning a holiday around a resort by a beach or on a cruise, a�?you
might want to be party ready, and carry a stretch fabric ready-made sari and use the bikini top as the blouse to bring two different elements together,a�? adds Reddy. a�?Teaming up the swimsuit with a classy jacket or a bright kaftan is a great idea as well,a�? says Claudette.


Go Monokini
This season, dona��t pick up a
bikini. a�?They are totally out. A fully fitted monokini in neon prints or a surfer wetsuit/bikini crossover is the look you need to try. The old-school LFW15SRDay5high waist suit from the a��40s is great too,a�? says. In fact, Claudette has created a fresh line-up of swimwear, resort wear, and bridal collection for a beach wedding this season. a�?I personally like the crossover bikini because they come with a zipper front detail, and the sleek cropped style will have you looking great. Pair this with a chic bikini bottom to complete your swimwear look,a�? Claudette adds.


Experts speak
Designers Shivan and Narresh present their swimwear guide for the season:
Tell us about the cuts, design and fabric that rock right now.
An emphasis on abstract prints with fruits, foliage but with a surreal twist could be trends to watch out for. Along with this, swimwear would feature strategic cutouts inspired by organic lines.
Trend-specific colours in swimwear this season?SHIVAN&NARRESH
The season will see a love for yolk yellows, peachy oranges mixed with electric cerulean and muted flesh tones.
What accessories work best on a beach?
Smart accessories can really create a holiday look. Some must-haves include a sarong, pareo, flip-flops, wedges, and bejeweled collars.
What transforms swimwear into resort wear?
A versatile silk pareo is the best option.A�It can be styled in more than 15 different ways. The best ones include being worn as an overlapped jacket.

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