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    Relish Karthik Kumara��s fresh brew of comedy, about middle class life

    Would you believe us when we say that the genesis of a stand-up comedy show can also come from a natural calamity? Before you cry foul, let us inform you that Karthik Kumara��s second and latest solo show, Second Decoction, is not making fun of the Chennai floods. Instead, the comedian is going to celebrate the heroism of middle class people in general, an example of which we saw during the inundation last December. a�?I was really moved with the way they rebuilt their lives again from scratch,a�? says Kumar.

    On Thursday, Kumar, also the co-founder of Chennai-based Evam Entertainment, will present a shorter version of his two-hour long Second Decoction act at Starbucks. The coffee house has re-launched the second edition of their Meet Me at Starbucks on Awesome Thursdays a�� featuring standup comics, with a coffee tasting session. a�?At Starbucks, I want to give Bengalureans a taste of my new material (which has been showcased in Mumbai, Chennai, and Singapore). If they like it, they will come for the full show on July 23,a�? says Kumar.

    a�?Writing content for Second Decoction was not easy. Compared to Poke Me (his first solo show), which touched upon generic subjects, this one is more about my own experiences of being part of the middle class. For example, taking Xerox copies of engineering notes from toppers in college. Or, about visiting a hotel for the first time in life, and being more excited about the hotel, its free gym, swimming pool, and hot water facilities than the place we were vacationing at. a�?

    Why this title though? a�?In Tamil households, the first decoction of the filter coffee is reserved for the breadwinner, the second is for the mother who prepares it and the third is for the maid. The name of the show depicts the attitude of the middle class to be content with staying middle class while at the same time being slightly discontented,a�? he explains.

    July 7. Entry free. At Church Street. 7-8 pm. Details: 65296888

    a�� Karan Pillai


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