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Whether two wheels or three, electric mobility isna��t restricted to just e-bikes

We look at the three hottest vehicles that allow all the joys of walking, albeit with battery-aided speed, range and convenience.

Trikke T7CF
This electric-powered tricycle offers the perfect combination of fitness, mobility and thrills. The standee rider is balanced with one foot atop each of the two rear wheels, while the handlebar allows one to manoeuvre it. Weighing just 11 kg, with a small frame, it makes running errands more fun and a lot faster than your regular cycle. `13,000. Details: shopclues.com

Freego U3
This two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is rather high-tech. Ita��s operated with two wireless remote controllers. The speed settings can be altered electronically, while the 36volt Samsung lithium-ion battery can be monitored through an LCD display. With speeds up to 15 kmph and a range of 30-35 km, it makes a good case for that price tag. `1.37 lakh. Details: freegoindia.com

Freego S1
The second product from Freego is also a fun, off-beat two-wheeler. This remote controlled hoverboard comes with an LCD display. Despite its compact size, it weighs a 100 kg and the motor allows you to hover at speeds close to 10 kmph. When fully charged, you can go up to 20 km and even take it on slopes inclined up to 15 degrees. `25,875. Details: freegoindia.com


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