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The Comedy Store brings Scott Capurroa��s unique brand of adult A�comedy to town

California-born, London-based stand-up comedian Scott Capurro has been on the international comedy circuit for nearly two decades with humour that pushes boundaries and generates awareness on social and political topics. We catch up with him ahead of his act with local boys Kenneth Sebastian and Sanjay Mankatala this weekend.

Stepping into comic shoes
I was an actor and I literally stumbled into comedy when a show I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1994 was received very well and a lot of offers came in.

Your style of comedy
Confrontational. I usually take on current events, religion and peoplea��s view on gay marriage. I try not to be arrogant and tell people how to think, but use my advantage to get them to look at these issues from a different perspective.

Mostly American comics like Greg Proops and Jimmy Carr.

Alternative career
I really like numbers. So probably an accountant.

Tips for newbies
Just be yourself. Be as real and intimate with the audience as you can because the more they know about you, the more they will laugh.

Taboo topic
I dona��t really have any. The question is more what the audience will not listen to or find offensive.

Beyond the mic
I drink a lot of Vodka (like I did last night!). I do a lot of yoga and swimming. And I deal with my husband who is a lot of work.
Favourite comedian
Eddie Murphy; Reggie Watts.

Best audience
The Irish (have a greater affinity towards the Americans than the British).

Most challenging audience
Gay men.

Funniest celebrity
Ruby Wax, George Gallaway.

Funniest community
The Israelis. And of course they are surrounded by people who want to kill them!

November 17. Rs500. At bFlat Bar, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
Details: 25278361




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