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    From a regular Chinese restaurant which, with a pretty decent but not exceptional menu, Hunan has morphed into a creative space which draws inspiration from fine ingredients and regional specials. So, if you are looking for Chinese food that is quite different from the a�?fried rice- chop-sueya�� variety, it is worth stopping by this unpretentious little restaurant which focuses on good food and service.

    Quick start
    They have a range of appetisers that pair nicely with a crisp white wine or a full bodied red from their racks. We started with crispy lotus stem, caramelised perfectly in a delicious ginger honey sauce. Dynasty prawns, large succulent crustaceans served up individually in soup spoons and lightly coated in the chefa��s special sauce, came in a melange of tangy, citrus flavours. Although the Chinese are not generally known for their salads, chef Pema creates a fine melange of julienned raw mango, apples and slivers of tofu. The result is a crunchy, light explosion of fresh flavours with a mildly discernible grating of lime zests.

    Main line
    The Chinese consider the belly the tastiest cut to cook, and these tender morsels come to the table with the promises of gently proportioned meat and fat, simmered in highly flavoured ingredients. But one good serving of this decadent dish and you will be done for the rest of the meal. If the belly cuts are too rich for your palate then try the ribs which the chef makes up in a sweet-spicy sticky, finger-licking barbecue style. Or opt for them wok seared in an Asian barbecue sauce that goes very pleasantly with side dish of steamed rice and stirfried Chinese greens. The national dish of Singapore, Hainanese chicken rice, holds a special place on the menu but must be ordered 24 hours in advance. The lightly steamed chicken, with oily rice, sliced cucumber, soy and chili sauce, with a clear soup is a lovely meal in itself. They also have a selection of good homemade desserts.

    Meal for two Rs1,200.JNC Road, Koramangala. Details: 25520155

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