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    The web turns into a talent scouting ground

    A new website, courtesy Sharan V Makhija, Itsshowtime is an online platform that covers various talent areas like music, dance,
    cooking and sport among others. a�?The idea is to give a person a larger audience base and an opportunity to win a performance.
    An opportunity to perform can be won because of backend tie-ups with corporates such as art galleries, event companies, and movie producers who scout the website for talented people,a�? begins Makhija.
    Talent hunt
    We love that they also have a section for a�?unordinarya�� talents while there is also a little space dedicated a�?wanderersa�� who are almost like Jack of all trades. The concept, though similar perhaps to specialised talent sites like MySpace, is currently funded by Makhija who is consciously trying to keep it different from the usual social networking sites. a�?On Facebook, even if you put up your work, there is a mix between your social life and talent life. In addition, people do not visit Facebook to check out music or art or sport,a�? explains Makhija, adding, a�?Right from your achievements, work, fans or blog, it gives one a larger, unknown audience.a�?

    Creative pursuits
    ItsShowTime is directly involved with linking the members with corporate houses, whom they call a�?promoters of stardoma��, as they scout the site for talent. a�?Apart from those who want to share their talents, there is also the feature where one can put out specific requirements in case of the need for a DJ, model or even a chef,a�? he explains. On the site, you can also take part in contests where the best artiste wins cash rewards. And with already over 2,700 registered users and over 25,000 visitors since they began three months ago, you can rest assured that even if you dona��t win, you certainly will be noticed. Details: itsshowtime.co.in
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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