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March 20 is World Storytelling Day. You can celebrate it with the world, quite literally

On the afternoon of March 20, between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm, the Bangalore Storytelling Society will hold a Google Hangout On Air session with five professional storytellers from India, Singapore, Germany and Australia. They will tell short stories, of five minutes each, on a�?Strong Womena��, which is the theme of this yeara��s celebrations.
The good news is you can listen to them too! Sign up on the Hangout session, called a�?Stories on Aira��, and tune in, with video mode on or off. And if youa��ve got a question or two about their stories, or about storytelling in general, post it on the Hangout, and it will be taken up during the one-hour session. You can also catch these stories later, as the session will be uploaded on YouTube.
The five storytellers include: Aparna Athreya (Bengaluru, current president of BSS) and Sandhya Ruban Hobday (Chennai), Kiran Shah from Australia, Roger Jenkins from Singapore, and Richard Martin from Germany.
Deeptha Vivekanand, vice president and one of the nine co-founders of BSS, tells us what to expect: a�?We did the first Google Hangout event last year, and at the time only one storyteller of the total five was from another country. This year we wanted to make it more global. So we reached out to Shah, Jenkins and Martin, who we have known professionally.a�?
Vivekanand, who will be moderating the session, adds, a�?The stories will range from folklore to real life ones. Shah will present a tale from China, Hobday a biblical story and Athreya a Hindu mythology. Jenkinsa�� story will be about the first woman pilot, and Martin will share a story a��Reason To Beat Your Wife!a�?
Details: Bangalore Storytelling Society on Facebook
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