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Sublime Galleriaa��s childrena��s initiative makes for a very special showcase

Seventy children aged between eight and 12 years take over the walls of Sublime Galleria till May 11. The curated exhibition of interesting art they have created is a result of their training through Berserk a�� a collaborative programme between the gallery and 3Peel, an art school. With 80 artworks in varying styles, form and subjects, Retrospective of Berserk 2013 acts as a platform for children to show their talent, gain recognition and give to charity.

Nurturing potential
a�?We want to help children discover their potential at a young age so they could receive the proper guidance and training to build on it. And our efforts have paid off. All the children have created absolute magic,a�? says Uzma Irfan, founder of the gallery and mastermind of Berserk. a�?Wea��ve come a full circle since the Berserk conference on visual art where we introduced the children to various artists, styles and forms of visual art as well as the historical contexts of many iconic art works,a�? shares Ruchika Motwani of 3Peel, adding that they kept in constant touch with the kids as they developed their own styles and interpretations a�� some even inspired by schools of thought like Cubism. The results were a�?canvases that showed complex compositions, colour schemes, attention to detail and great finisha��.

Great inspirations
Motwani goes on to tell us about how these young children have taken their inspiration from the likes of Picasso and Raza while lending their works a unique style.

The exhibition also includes works by children at 3Peel who were not part of Berserk. Rs.A�1,100 up. At UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 41116563

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