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    From an unusualA� singer to an actorA� with hidden skills, herea��s whata��s trending this week .

    Music express
    Commuters on a bus in the UK were in for a treat, when their bus driver put his impressive vocal skills to use, with a performance of Bollywood number, Kaliyon Ka Chaman. Delivered in a high pitch tone, as in the original, the Britishera��s rendition is both comical and skillful. He was joined by a female singer and a drummer, who were seated among the passengers. At first curious, the passengers then get into the groove by clapping and dancing on the moving bus. With over 7,00,000 views, this one is an instant pick me up.

    Ronaldoa��s a�?off-sidea��
    This video proves that an angry Cristiano Ronaldo and waterbodies do not make for a great combination. The Portugal captain hasna��t been having the greatest of outings at the Euro 2016 so far. After training one day, he was approached by a reporter while out walking with teammates by their Lyon hotel (situated on the banks of a lake). Asked if he was ready to take on Hungary, Ronaldo reacted by grabbing the reportera��s microphone and flinging it into the lake. Posted over a week ago, the video already has over 10,00,000 views.

    Mimic gone wild
    When Ricky Gervais appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he announced that hea��s a a�?geniusa�� at doing impressions. Fallon then challenged him to a 30-second game, in which he was required to do quick impressions of celebs. Audiences were in for a shock when he started a�?performinga��. The actor merely recited the celebsa�� most famous lines in a strange high-pitched voice. Our favourite is his take on Winfrey a�� a�?Everyone gets a cara�� a�� which will have you in splits.

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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