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    An illustrativeA�tribute and a motorised one in addition to sports legends in a showdown of a different kind

    Drifting away
    If you enjoyed Ken Blocka��s Gymkhana 6 with his Ford Fiesta, then youa��ll love this tribute video. Using the rally drivera��s style (Gymkhana) of drifting and grip-driving, HPI Racing, one of the worlda��s leading manufacturers of radio control cars, trucks and monster trucks, does the same on a model track. With not a single mistake and touching of the barriers, this one is a must-watch for drift drivers, fans and RC enthusiasts alike. The videoA�is titled HPI Racinga��s Ken BlockA�Micro Gymkhana.

    Sporting showdown
    Following the fame of the earlier ad with Turkish Airlines that saw footballa��s finest, Lionel Messi and one of the most decorated basketballers of all time, Kobe Bryant battle it out to be the coolest one on a flight, they team up again for a selfie showdown. The pair race around the world to exotic places the airline flies to, and to outdo each other with outrageous selfies. Great Wall of China, Blue Mosque, Kremlin, all feature in the video that has an entertaining photo bomb at the end.

    Sketched in history
    Several famous people left the world but none so quietly as Christoph Niemann, the inventor of the iconic Etch A Sketch drawing toy. Although lesser known than those like Paul Walker, his legacy is priceless. The New York Times honours the man and his invention in this mesmerising illustrated animation with a mini history of the creator and his life growing up. Simple, smart and effective. Watch the video on the video section of nytimes.com

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