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Funny yet deep, Akvariousa�� new play comes to townA�

Love, Bombs & Apples is the second collaboration between Mumbai-based theatre director Akarsh Khurana, and Iraqi playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak, after their award-winning play, Baghdad Wedding. Staged in 2011, the latter revolved around three expat Iraqis who return to their country after the collapse of Saddam Hussein. a�?We were not sure if Baghdad Wedding would resonate with the Indian audience, but it did. People connected with our story. So we were certain Love, Bombs, & Apples will work as well,a�? Khurana tells us about the play, which premiered in Mumbai last December, and will open in the city tonight.
The one-hour play weaves in stories of three Muslim men in the post 9/11 world. Khurana, who runs Akvarious Productions, breaks it down for us. a�?a�?Applesa�� is about an unemployed youth, staying in Bradford, and his take on terrorism. a�?Lovea�� revolves around a Palestinian actora��s night with a British girl, and it reflects the reality of Palestine. In a�?Bombsa��, a London-based Pakistani writera��s first novel generates undue interest, because he is a Muslim.a�?But Khurana, famous for plays such as Afsaneh: Bai se Bioscope Tak, and Blackbird, is quick to add, a�?All the stories have been dealt in a funny manner. I dona��t believe in doing theatre that is very preachy. But I am sure the play will get you thinking about the problems faced by Muslims around the world.a�?
Abdulrazzaka��s original script had one more storya�� Landing Strip a�� which Khurana decided to drop. a�?It depicts whata��s happening in the Gaza Strip. Ita��s an intense piece, and will require a fair amount of knowledge about the tension going on in Gaza to truly understand it,a�? explains the theatre personality, who has also dabbled in screenwriting for Hindi films like Krrish, Kites, and U Me Aur Hum.
This year, Khurana has been busy with his new shows, Love, Bombs & Apples, and Colaba Casanova, and the third part of his hugely famous childrena��s play, A Special Bond. So the 36-year-old next plans to take a breather.
April 29-May 1. Details: jagrititheatre.com
a�� Barkha Kumari


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