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    With support for languages like Spanish and Arabic, mobile app Lingua.ly promises to teach you at your pace

    NOA� TIME to accommodate language classes into your busy schedule? Lingua.ly has the perfect solutiona��an app that lets you learn languages at your own pace. Head-quartered in Israel, Lingua.ly, which was launched in 2011, does not believe in a fixed curriculum to learn a language. Every individual is different and what may be relevant to one beginner may be too advanced for another. This is why a language should be learnt at onea��s own pace, just as one learns their first language (or mother tongue), says Meredith Cicerchia, the director of communication and e-learning of the company.

    Lingua.ly offers three products a�� an extension for Google Chrome, a web application for other browsers and a recently-launched mobile app for Android users. These free products will soon be joined by an app for the iOS as well. The app essentially teaches you words at the beginner level and provides you several articles that will help you understand and learn the words. When you come across a new word that you wish to learn, you simply have to click on it and the app creates a flash card with its definition, examples of sentences, audio and images relating to it. With each new article that you read, the app highlights words that you know, thereby encouraging the user as well.
    The most interesting aspect, ho
    wever, is that you get to choose words based on categories relevant to your field. For example, if you were a Spanish chef wanting to learn English, you can set the app to teach you words relevant to food. The app identifies words from categories like arts, business, health and politics among others. Post the launch of the iOS version of the app a�?by the end of summer,a�? the team at Lingua.ly will focus on support for more languages in addition to English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew, that one can currently learn from start to finish. Details: lingua.ly

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