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In a valiant effort to change advertising from passive to active, Gautam Singh, of Get Kinected, has created Adzipod a�� a new generation of indoor display advertising. Using motion controlled advertising, the device interacts with customers through audio, video and even 3D graphics. a�?My wife and I started a bubble tea store where we installed an interactive piano which could be played by walking on the ground.We developed it using motion sensing technology and it was a really cool and fun thing for our customers, who used to love it,a�? begins Singh, adding that after developing the piano, they loved the technology and decided to take interactive advertising to the next level.
Hoping to make sure the advertising actually registers in the mind rather than being just flash information, Singh believes that keeping a customer engaged is key. a�?People are in awe of how technology is changing and we are trying to amaze the consumers and give them a reason to look at and interact with ads on our screens,a�? says the self-proclaimed electronic tinker.
Flexible about creating the ad, or taking existing content and creating it, the team at Adzipod have thus far worked on automobile ads, film posters like The Expendables 3 and FarmLitea��s popular selfie ad which puts you in the middle of a paddy field.A� a�?We are hoping to reach out to anyone who has curiosity and is eager to know about the technology and thus interact with the brand,a�? shares Singh. He predicts that it wona��t be long before the current 55-inch screen will be 55-foot ones. a�?This technology is going to spread to the billboard format. Imagine driving and the billboard ahead changes content in order to acknowledge your presence and deliver a message. Doesna��t sound too far off!a�? he signs off.
Details: adzipod.com

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