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    When it comes to social causes on radio, unfortunately, ita��s few and far between. This is one area that needs to be treated with a little bit of love from the powers that run a radio unit. Ita��s not that radio stations have overlooked social responsibility, but a more audible and sustained effort by them could lessen the gaps.
    Chennai boasts of a very socially-conscious public and attention needs to be put on this fact. Take, for instance, pets. There are quite a few organisations and drives that help abandoned pets find a new home. Ita��s hard work for those who steer it, but the joy that a family gets at the end of it all is priceless. Unfortunately, there isna��t a slot on radio today that can power this further.
    There are scores of compassionate people who go out of their way to save a calf, bird, dog, cat, deer whatever they come across, but not all of them know how to take it further. This is where a dedicated timeline needs to be assigned to focus on pets and also for peoplea��to be aware of simple things like if a pet/animal has a skin infection, you dona��t need to abandon it, fearing that ita��s going to spread within your family and kill you all; simply take it to a vet for medication. Now that isna��t rocket science, is it?
    A show on pets and abandoned animals could do a lot of good. For starters, it could bust moronic myths like if a cat crosses your path you are doomed or if you have a white pet you could grey early. There are many who dona��t have access to knowledge about animals and a show on pet friendliness would be ideal. It would only convert the listener to become a more loving human.
    A shout out to radio stations to forget the petty issues and get to the pet issues. There is a need and an urgent one at that. See you next week with more radio talk!

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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