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    Kevin Spacey on his role in Nine Lives, meow-crawling and sleeping in alleys.

    While American actor, producer, singer and comedian Kevin Spacey’s new bromance with rapper Drake has drawn attention, we catch up with the House of Cards actor as he gets back on the big screen with Nine Lives. The Oscar-winner plays workaholic billionaire Tom Brand who, thanks to a freak accident, gets trapped in a feline’s body and has one week to make amends with his family or risk staying forever as Mr Fuzzypants, the cat. Here, the 57-year-old is delightfully funny as he talks about playing a comic character and his co-stars.

    Your take on doing a comic role.
    People often think of me in a darker, more evil kind of part. But it’s a great joy for me to be able to come to work every day and do something that’s really funny, really fast and very clever.

    How important is this role for you?
    Sure, I could probably have cut a sweeter deal if I’d been willing to play a little hardball, but I couldn’t risk losing the role. I wasn’t going to let Bill Murray or Eric Roberts steal another talking cat gig out from under me!

    What did you work on for your role as Mr Fuzzypants?
    I worked on meow-crawling around the streets of New York and Toronto. I would see what meows would get under people’s skin.

    How was it working with Sonnenfeld?
    Barry Sonnenfeld has done some of the great films of all time, no doubt about it. So when he came on to this project, I was enormously excited.

    Did you share a good rapport with Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner?
    Walken didn’t bother to learn any of his lines. He said he left his script at a 24-hour TGI Friday’s. But Garner, she was a real pro. I could throw anything at her—nuzzle her leg, climb on to her shoulder, bat her lunch tray off the table. She’d never blow a take.

    How do you choose and prepare for roles?
    With every job, you should have something to lose, something to gain, and something to learn. It’s a bit like sports; it’s a different game every time you get on the court.

    Any challenges while shooting
    for Nine Lives?
    The hardest part, I think, was sleeping in the alley behind the studio. Lotta stray cats in heat this time of year.

    Is there a possibility of Nine Lives 2?
    Let’s get Nine Lives 2 into production. We can call it Eight Lives.

    Nine Lives hits theatres today

    — Team Indulge


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