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    From Romanian and Japanese to Hebrew and Danish, Hollywood goes global

    Taking a leaf out of the books of multi-lingual actors like Christopher Lee, who speaks French, Italian,A�Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, Greek and English, and the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, who was fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, this new generation of actors get talking. In different languages.

    Hollywood1cIn communicado
    Being diagnosed with dyslexia clearly didna��t stop Salma Hayek from learning. Apart from English and Mexican, the actor, who will next be seen in How to Make Love Like an Englishman, also speaks Arabic and Portuguese. Her daughter with husband FranA�ois-Henri Pinault, Valentina clearly has the genes too as the little one has apparently been speaking English, Spanish and French fluently since she was two.

    Lanky linguist
    Viggo Mortensen hasna��t played too many roles where he is a chatter box. But in addition to English, the brooding star is very comfortable with Danish, Spanish, French, and a little Norwegian. Born to an American mum and a Danish father, young Mortensen lived in Venezuela and Denmark, before moving to Argentina, then America. The actor, best known for playing Aragorn in Lord of The Rings, is fluent in English, Danish, Spanish, French and Italian while he fully understands Norwegian and Swedish. Therea��s no keeping secrets fromA�this multi-lingual hunk, we say!

    Bad boy
    While Andrew Divoff is hardly well-known, he has been credited with over 100 appearances in films like Air Force One, TV series such as Lost and CSI, and video games including Call of Duty. Usually the bad Russian, Divoff, whose father is Russian and mother Venezuelan, speaks nine languages including English. This polyglot is fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Catalan, Portuguese and Russian. Apparently, he has forgotten Romanian as he has no one to speak it with.

    All Greek to me
    If you think he speaks Asgard well, wait till you hear Tom Hiddleston speak Greek, Italian, Spanish and French. Brilliantly fluent in Hollywood5bFrench and Spanish, so much so that he gives interviews in them, the British heartthrob is less comfortable with Italian while he is perhaps best at Greek as he studied the ancient language at Cambridge. The film actor and thespian studied Latin alongside Greek as he was very keen on playing Greek characters being a history buff. The perfect fit to play a Greek god next, perhaps?

    Pretty polyglot
    Not only are her looks mysterious, but her mind too. With American and Israeli roots, it is no wonder that Oscar-winning Natalie Portman speaks fluent Hebrew and English and also five other languages. She picked up conversational French, German, Spanish and Japanese as the Harvard graduate believes it is important to speak more than one language and it wasna��t her job but rather her interest that lead her to study languages. She thinks Spanish is the most useful, and learned it after falling in love with the culture, language and lifestyle when she was shooting Goyaa��s Ghosts.

    -Aakanksha Devi


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