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    The breakfast host of 92.7BigFM, RJ Giri Giri, created a record of sorts by his continuous on-air presence for 111 hours, on January 26. Let me tell you, your throat takes a beating if you work it that long, but Giri has shown how ita��s done.

    An 111-hour marathon?
    Ita��s always been my dream to set a new record on radio. When the station came up with the idea and approached me, I jumped at it. One hundred hours was the milestone, but with team support and the overwhelming response from listeners, we made it to 111 hours.

    Tell us about the experience?
    A two-hour show itself needs a lot of preparation and content, so 111 hours was a really big task. We produced promos for it. I wrote a lot of them myself to promote the marathon. The whole team decided on what content was to be aired. We wanted a smooth transition as we finished each hour. Day 1 went off well. After that it was a mix of out door broadcasts and studio. On the third day, I lost my voice a bit but I kept going. On the final day, I was egged on by my team and listeners. Directors Vetrimaran and Bharathiraja, (singer-actor) GV Prakash and (actress) Keerthy Suresh were magnanimous with their support.

    What are your interests?
    I am a great fan of theatre and poetry. I love the challenge of acting on stage. I also love to run for hours, which makes me a fitness freak. When I am asked about my passion or what interests me a lot, I go numb because everything seems interesting to me. If Ia��m doing something I havena��t done before, then I take it as a challenge and make sure I excel at it.

    What next?
    Ia��m looking forward to earning a Guinness world record for the longest radio show. There are some offers for acting which I love. However, negative roles are my forte. Radio is my passion and I will continue to work till the end.
    A man, a microphone and a marathon. Catch Giri on 92.7 BigFM every weekday.

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    The writera��s views expressedA�here are entirely in hisA�personal capacity.



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