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    Cori Connell (top left) and some of her work.

    Photographs on the wall can satisfy your appetite for both fancy decor and art, but how do you find affordable yet expert work? Fine art photography website Lumitrix has been addressing this problem for a few months now, and has seen some takers from our country. Launched in March 2013 by lawyer-turned-photographer Cara Connell, the site features 13 photographers and prints on myriad themes, from nature and landscapes to sculpture and abstract. The key words here? Affordable prints and great talent.

    a�?As a photographer, the mode for exploring and promoting onea��s work is now almost entirely internet based a�� why sit in a silent gallery waiting for footfall when you can make more noise online?a�? believes Connell. The highlight however, remains the Lumitrix Living gallery, where customers can browse through prints which hang in stylish interiors. a�?It brings to life a product, enabling a customer to envisage how it could look in their home while also inspiring alternative interior ideas,a�?explains Connell.

    Indian angle
    Lumitrix also features two Indian photographers who are at different stages of their career a�� Kannagi Khanna, 23, and Banoo Batliboi, 55. Recently in the news for her debut series Hollywood, Khanna feels the site is a great international platform for fledgling artists, and beneficial for young collectors. a�?The best feature of Lumitrix is that ita��s affordable, and likely to attract people who wouldna��t normally consider prints as their first choice for wall art,a�? says Khanna. Batliboi, originally a book sculpture artist, began dabbling in photography to change peoplea��s perceptions of the aged and discarded book. a�?The website tries to mimic a reall gallery experience and take it to the next level,a�? she shares.

    All Lumitrix prints are available at Rs 5,200 at www.lumitrix.com.

    a�� Divya Karthikeyan


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