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Why 1522a��s second outing evokes a mixed response

Ita��s been a few weeks since 1522 a�� The Pub, opened doors in Koramangala, but the popularity of the watering hole (and the waiting) makes it look like ita��s been standing there for longer. It is located above Swathi Maharaja on 80 Feet Road, and dona��t blame yourself if you cana��t find a way up to the second floor. The guards, quite used to the routine, will guide you in a�� through Maharaja. Once there, the earthy brick walls, wooden furniture and the soft subdued lighting create the right impressions, and the open air sit-out here is a definite plus.
The flat-screen TV here is to give you more than sports updates as their in-house DJ hooks it up with his console to start out with upbeat versions of old familiars like Californication, following it up with classic rock, and then some dance music. It might take the servers a while to notice you once the weekend starts, or actually, once Wednesday comes around with Ladies Night. What spells discomfort for you only means that brothers Shashank and Chetan Hegdea��s move to pull a 1522 in Koramangala was the right way to go. It certainly is a�?a neighbourhood pub with an old world charm,a�? like the brothers wanted. But considering the traffic, it wona��t hurt to have an extra set of hands around the place. And heaven forbid you get seated behind a pillar.
The bar menu features old friends a�� shooters include Black Beauty with vodka and Kahlua, Belly Button thrives on vodka, Cointreau and coconut syrup. Cocktails include Manhattan, Daiquiri, and Whisky Sour. All in all, 1522a��s the usual mash of what youa��d get at a watering hole. Innovation or experimentation isna��t the preference here, a safety net is. Repeating the beverage lista��s tale is a food menu that serves regular pub grub, varying from continental to Mangalorean. The chicken sixer a�� an Andhra special powered by curry leaves a�� is the way to go if you are in a beer-chugging mood. Specials include the mushroom Oa��Reilly and mutton nalli; the neer dosas and prawn masala fry are the crowd-pullers here. The usual biryanis and curries pop up next, and it is the usual that is both comforting, and dull, at the same time. But the affordability of the place, and the flowing alcohol will continue to draw crowds in.
`1,200 for two. At Koramangala. Details: 49652895

a�� Nikita Puri


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