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Moving beyond massage oils and gels, Ohmysecrets introduces digital intimacy

In a country where sexuality is still treated with caution, an entrepreneur is trying to help us take baby steps into the sensual world of pleasure products for adults. Ohmysecrets.com is a nine-month-old website that has brought world-renowned products—from edible lingerie to organic lubricants—to our fingertips. “On my travels I realised what an immense market there was for this abroad. But here the market is grey, with entrants selling knock offs and packaging things so vulgarly that people aren’t comfortable buying them. That’s where we differentiate ourselves,” says founder Vinodh Reddy, stressing on the tasteful site design and packaging that ensures customer privacy.

DSC01710Love and music
While they don’t sell sex toys, they are planning to introduce innovative products like sex furniture and digital intimacy. “We are especially excited about the Bluetooth-enabled massagers that can be operated with a smartphone app. Useful for even partners who are physically apart,” he says, adding that the love app will be available for iOS and Android users by the first week of July. Ohmy-secrets is also introducing a music-driven massager, a wearable product that allows users to feel the vibration patterns of their music.

Since India is still a conservative market, Reddy says he’s concentrating on getting through to people via social media. “We are also looking at teaming up with TV shows, for visibility, and partnering with travel sites (offering free samples with honeymoon packages, etc) so people can understand our products,” he says, adding that while most of his customers are well-travelled people, word of mouth and branding is also bringing in a more middle-class clientele.

From Rs. 1,000 onwards. Details: ohmysecrets.com

— Surya Praphulla Kumar


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