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    Bharatnatyam dancer Savitha Sastry takes inspiration from life incidents in her new production

    Who scripts a womana��s life? Thata��s the theme around which Chains: Love Stories of Shadows, the latest dance production by Savitha Sastry, revolves. Written by her husband, AK Srikanth, the story is in the form of a trilogy. a�?Srikanth has written three stories about real-life incidents of the women in his life, including me. This makes the whole production very realistic and personal for me,a�? shares the Mumbai-based Bharatnatyam dancer, adding that it will feature a woman in three different stages of her lifea��as a teen, an adult and an old woman. a�?The story is not set in mythology as is the case with usual Bharatanatyam performances. This will be a new experience for people because the story is written especially for the production,a�? she adds.
    Ask her about how her costume will add to the portrayal, and Sastry shares that the designs by Delhi-based designer Arun Kumar Tiwary are contemporary and vibrant. a�?I will also wear several layers of clothing as the character grows older, to give it depth,a�? she says. The production also sees a second character, who she reveals is in shadow form (a narrator, played by theatre artist Hans Kaushik). Though he wona��t be seen, he is a major part of the story. Post her performance in Chennai, the dancer will be taking the show on a world toura��to Bangalore, Delhi, China, USA and South Africaa��in March.
    On February 27, from 7 pm, at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium. Free entry. Details: 24643420

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