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    Bharatnatyam dancer Savitha Sastry takes inspiration from life incidents in her new production

    Who scripts a woman’s life? That’s the theme around which Chains: Love Stories of Shadows, the latest dance production by Savitha Sastry, revolves. Written by her husband, AK Srikanth, the story is in the form of a trilogy. “Srikanth has written three stories about real-life incidents of the women in his life, including me. This makes the whole production very realistic and personal for me,” shares the Mumbai-based Bharatnatyam dancer, adding that it will feature a woman in three different stages of her life—as a teen, an adult and an old woman. “The story is not set in mythology as is the case with usual Bharatanatyam performances. This will be a new experience for people because the story is written especially for the production,” she adds.
    Ask her about how her costume will add to the portrayal, and Sastry shares that the designs by Delhi-based designer Arun Kumar Tiwary are contemporary and vibrant. “I will also wear several layers of clothing as the character grows older, to give it depth,” she says. The production also sees a second character, who she reveals is in shadow form (a narrator, played by theatre artist Hans Kaushik). Though he won’t be seen, he is a major part of the story. Post her performance in Chennai, the dancer will be taking the show on a world tour—to Bangalore, Delhi, China, USA and South Africa—in March.
    On February 27, from 7 pm, at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium. Free entry. Details: 24643420

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