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    Storytrailsa�� new walk takes you through the streets of Sowcarpet, one tale at a time.

    FROM the Portuguese origins of Mumbaia��s vada pav to Lord Hanumana��s a�?love affaira�� with the vada, learn the myths and stories behind the rich culinary history of Sowcarpeta��s Mint Street, at Storytrailsa�� foodwalk. Interspersed with anecdotes and historical facts, the two-and-a-half hour walk will have you munching on the famous pav bhaji at Novelty Tea House, the plate-sized thattu idli at Vaishnav’s (smeared with dollops of ghee) and the lip-smacking gulab jamuns at Jagdusha Chats, among other treats. The trail aims to be different from other food walks by providing visitors much more than these offerings; each trail is led by a storyteller who narrates the stories of local food habits, some bizarre superstitions, and how far some food items have travelled to get to the city. Lakshmi Shankar, who manages operations at Storytrails, tells us more, a�?Our USP is stories. We share a lot about the sights that you see. We dona��t fill it up with facts, we try and give the juiciest details.a�? So the Sowcarpet trail will also be about the a�?traders who stamped their identity on the city through their fooda�?, like Mansukh (known for its farsans and doodhi halwa), which was started by a young man who travelled over 2,000 km from his desert home in Kutch, in search of fortune in 1946. And from having no shop to call his own then, he now has a chain of eateries to his name.

    Monday to Saturday. Rs 1,300 per person. Details:A�9940040215

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