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    This TV chef makes the season tastier and merrier

    MODEL-turned-chef Lorraine Pascale creates seasonal dishes and scrumptious edible gifts in the countdown to Christmas. Her show, Lorrainea��s Last Minute Christmas, has easy recipes, cooking cheats and culinary tips. She tells us more.

    What can viewers expect?
    I would love people to see that baking can be applied to anything that cooks in the oven. And see that if they follow my recipes they can achieve gorgeous bakes, which they did not think they could achieve before.

    Challenges of cooking on-screen.
    It is important to keep talking when cooking and not zone out. Also to do things neatly which is hard when people are watching.

    Sneak-peek behind the cameras.
    There is no script and I have about 10 white tees on standby, in case I spill food on them! We shoot until 1 pm and then eat the food that I have cooked. Then we carry on and shoot until about 7 pm. Later, we all go down to the local cafe for drinks and a catch up.

    Most challenging Christmas dish.
    The turkey. Getting it out of the oven
    at the right time and making sure it looked yummy for the cameras.

    Essential Christmas bakes
    Christmas pudding and cake, Yule log, ginger bread cookies and spiced winter brownies.

    Your signature dish.
    I love doing my whole roast tandoori chicken with pulau rice and vegetables. It is not authentic but a little a�?noda�� to Indian food.
    Wednesday at 8 pm on TLC.
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal and Aakanksha Devi


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