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ITC Kakatiyaa��s dinner buffet ushers in the Independence Day spirit over the weekend

The a�?Fourth of Julya�� and the impending a�?long weekenda�� is so typical of America. Keeping in with the spirit of the countrya��s Independence Day celebrations, ITC Kakatiya is hosting the American Dinner Buffet that starts July 2 (ends July 4).
a�?America is the land of innovation and home to modern and scientific cooking techniques. It is here that concepts such as molecular gastronomy took birth and our fest too will celebrate the same experimental spirit,a�? informs chef Akash.
The dinner buffet in a fine dining setting at the Deccan Pavilion will feature a three-course meal. The North West Seafood Chowder with a distinct touch of America surprisingly seemed just right for the monsoon evenings. The main course has choices such as Bacon Wrapped BBQed Chicken and Herb Crusted Fish with cilantro
a�?Although we use indigenous murrel fish here, you will surely not miss the taste of USA,a�? he says. Both the delicacies come with shallots, boiled potatoes, edible flowers and of course the barbeque sauce for those who love extra flavours.
The dessert boasts of all the classics – cheesecake, red velvet cake, walnut brownie etc. The cake, with its slight tang flavour, thanks to the addition of vinegar to the chocolate cake, was the best.
Price Rs 1,499 plus taxes. Details 23400132

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