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    Batman, Cat Woman, Captain Jack Sparrow and a couple of friendly neighbourhood vampires, all hanging out and enjoying a drink together. A sight like that could only mean one thing a�� Halloween. Our ghoulish trail led us to various locations with everyone putting their best foot forward in the costume department. We spotted an assortment of superheroes, an overdose of cats, one-eyed pirates, and the ever popular zombies, ready to a�?pretend bitea��, should you need a quick selfie.
    At The Leather Bar, guests sampled scary cocktails alongside trick or treat games, while Pasha was done up with special UV dA�cor a�� spires, skulls, carved pumpkins and a massive glow-in-the-dark spider web splashed across the ceiling. As the night wore on, the crowd moved to Winchester at Radisson Blu City Centre for their Halloween special a�?Monster Monstrositya��. Almost everyone scored high points for dressing up, and for the rest, there were face painters standing by. The set up saw gargoyles on pillars, wall mounted gravestones, life-sized tarantulas and a Dracula coffin that also doubled as a photo booth. Not for the faint of heart, and a little too close for comfort if you ask me. Meanwhile, not too far way, Shannon and Rohan Prabhakar hosted their annual Halloween bash, inviting friends to celebrate the American way. Autumn leaves, Jack-o-lanterns and everyonea��s favourite candy were part of the dA�cor. On the menu a�� everything from hors da��oeuvres that looked like severed fingers to marshmallow eye balls. Our hosts traded in a couplea��s costume this year to go as a pirate and, in Shannona��s own words a a�?crazy cat ladya�?.
    And while wea��re on the subject of dressing up, the fun continued on a different note at the Melbourne Cup charity lunch at Hyatt Regency. The 154th year of a�?the race that stops the nationa�� saw the Australian community in Chennai, along with their Indian friends, really get into the spirit of things. And it wasna��t just about fashion on the field, although there were some stellar hats in the crowd, with this yeara��s event also including the Galloping Melbourne Cup design competition, open to students. The finalists showcased their designs, which kicked off fashion sequences by Sidney Sladen, with jewellery by Minnie Menon, both of whom were also judges for the contest. Post the race, the sweepstakes results were announced along with the traditional prizes for a�?best dresseda��, a�?best couplea�� and, of course, a�?best hata��.


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