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    Furniture inspired by the Art Deco period finds a spot at Pondya��s Home Trotters

    COME the end of holiday season in the French QuarterA� and Arnaud Laederich, the designer of Home Trotter Stores,has a new teak wood furniture collection in store for usa�� this time inspired by the 1930a��s art deco period. Besides a family of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables made in old teak wood, the highlight of the line are two folding screens a�� one inspired by colonial style shutters, and the other designed (with pivoting square frames) to display pictures. According to Laedrich,A� a�?At this moment we are focusing on this a�?wrighta�? line, which is modular and ergonomic, yet beautiful and does great things to home dA�cor,a�? he says. Adding that Pondicherry is known for its heritage and history, he believes theirA� newA� line should reflect the same. a�?We design furniture out of teak wood, mango wood, and from old recycled wood which is still a rage among our customers,a�? he adds. Stressing on the importance of ergonomics in furniture design, the designer explains how a piece of furniture can be created to have vivid, multi functional and space saving aspects all rolled into one.
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    Laederich offers us options likeA� a sofa that can be turned into a bed, a baby corner that can be transformed into a bar when your baby grows up, a shoe storage unit which can be transformed into a corridor chair a�� all of which have been done in the past by them. a�?The sofa cum bed and shoe storage cum chair is still available in ourA� shop,a�? he adds. These items can be ordered directly from the shop in Pondicherry (one month delivery time) and delivered in Tamil Nadu or by courier anywhere in the country.
    Starting Rs 20,700 for the furniture and Rs 30,600 for the screens.A�A� Details:A� 04132221600

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